Diskette Format Converters?

  dublincity 21:41 10 Nov 2003

I have a Maxell MF2DD ‘floppy’ diskette that was used, some years ago, to store a hundred pages typed on a Canon Starwriter WP. I want to use it on my PC but the file name $$SAVE$$.$S$ cannot be identified by Microsoft. I have exchanged e.mails with Maxell who tell me that I would need to identify this file.

The following was pasted from a notepad that came up by right-clicking on Drive A;-
CANONETW1 V021 CAQ0001 TLCS-90 " VS160

Could it be Canon Pagewriter? I haven’t been able to find much on the internet except for an American company that provides a commercial converting service. PC World and others have advised me that I could probably dowload a converter utility – but I can’t find anything appropriate.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

  ton 21:59 10 Nov 2003
  dublincity 23:18 10 Nov 2003

Thanks ton, I've downloaded that Mac program (trial) & it just tells me that the diskette is in DOS - and then it goes circular! Thanks DieSse, I'm not sure what you mean - or at least, I did it but was just presented with a browse list of my programs.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:25 10 Nov 2003

Try opening it with notepad or with metapad (a notepad replacement) which will take out any form of recognisable text within the document.

  dublincity 02:13 11 Nov 2003

This time, I couldn't open Drive A. I found the "Extract text from any file" in a 'properties' box by right-clicking the desktop Drive A icon. I found no bar that said "Files of Type" but somehow I opened the disk and got a page with 15 icons. I clicked on the first, got the choice of programs, clicked notepad as recommended above, then saw the document with the typescript mixed up with a lot of gobbledygook. I repeated with the other 14 icons and seem to have got everything saved on an OE message page which I find by far the handiest way of copying things. With two icons, I got a message to the effect that some different language (or something like that) was being used and did I want to go ahead. I did! Thanks everybody.

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