diskeeper lite problem

  JACC 23:59 27 Feb 2004

I've just installed a Freeserve Broadband Modem (speedtouch),all went well,usb light green,adsl light flashing green as it said in the manual .All was well until i went to defrag using Diskeeper Lite . It got to about 50% and then the pc shut itself down and i had a bugger of a time getting it going again . I had to go to command prompt and restore a previous registry to get it up and running . Then of course i had to go and remove the modem from the usb port and re-install it again . My OS is W98se , is there a conflict with DKlite . That will be a shame cos i liked using it because of it's speed . I hope you can help . I think i'll change my name to pcnumpty .

  Dipso 00:22 28 Feb 2004

I'm running XP (and also ran ME) with a Speedtouch 330 and DK lite and have had no problems. Are you sure it's DK and not an issue with your USB modem and chipset.

click here

  JACC 00:46 28 Feb 2004

I'm sorry i did not mention i had a cpu upgrade aswell , 1800xp+ to 2400xp+ everything was going peachy until the modem was insatlled .I've just shut the pc down to restart and it has done the same thing again , command prompt and so on . I'll have to get this fixed cos i can't expect my kids to have the savvy to restore registrys and the like , fingers crossed someone can help out .

  JACC 01:03 28 Feb 2004

I'm going mad now , replying to my own postings . Just incase anybody else is still up at this time in the morning ,i removed the modem from it's usb slot and the pc restarted without a hitch . What next please .

  JACC 10:03 28 Feb 2004

I'm trying to keep this post alive,please help if you can .The only way i can start my pc is if i remove the speedtouch modem , has anyone heard of this . I'm trying to get a broadband connection and fight off two kids wanting to use the pc at the same time so your advice is urgently required .

  vinnyT 11:47 28 Feb 2004

There was/is a known problem with some mobos usb and usb modems (I think it was to do with power). Many got around this by dumping the modem and using the lan port or installing a nic (network interface card).

Take a look at consumerwatch forum, try seaching using usb modem + motherboard. Or search google.

  vinnyT 11:50 28 Feb 2004

This was taken from click here

I have a VIA chipset motherboard, I have heard this causes problems with USB modems is this true?
There have been some problems with some VIA chipsets on certain motherboards the KT133, KT7, Asus A7V and Alcatel modems. This is believed to be a wider USB bus issue. Either contact your motherboard manufacturer or VIA directly to see if you are effected by this problem, or visit click here, a very useful page which allows you to download the latest 4 in 1 drivers. Another site to look at is click here.

Not sure if it helps, but keeps your post alive.

  JACC 12:14 28 Feb 2004

thank you vinnyT,
the mobo i'm using is an Elite ecs k7s5a ,does this make a difference ?

  JACC 13:10 28 Feb 2004

still hoping to hear back from somebody,fingers crossed .

  Dipso 23:28 28 Feb 2004

It sounds like you are experiencing the VIA/USB conflict. Check out the link in my earlier post for some options. If none of the suggestions work, you may need to try an internal (PCI) broadband modem.

Hope you sort it out.

  Dipso 23:58 28 Feb 2004

If you can't sort your problem out with the links provided, I suggest you re-post. Your post title may be the reason you're not getting many responses.

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