Diskeeper Lite.

  anniesboy68 17:40 15 Mar 2008

Have downloaded this which I understand will run on Vista. However it will not load [installed ok I think]. I keep getting a message "Diskeeper lite does not allow access to terminal services. Purchase the full version etc etc". Any observations please why this is so?

  kdt 17:42 15 Mar 2008

don't know but auslogics disk defrag is good as well & free.

  anniesboy68 17:54 15 Mar 2008

Yes just downloaded and installed. Will dispose of diskeeper, thanks

  maghemite 16:28 17 Mar 2008

Diskeeper Lite is not certified for Vista that's why it does not work. In fact, if I am not wrong, DK Lite is about 7 years old!! I suggest you don't try it with Vista.

Diskeeper 2008 on the other hand is excellent for vista with even some Vista-specific defrag modes. Although it's not free, it's far better than the Auslogics one; well worth the money.

  Stuartli 16:32 17 Mar 2008

Diskkeeper Lite, IIRC, was the basis for the original Windows Defrag utility.

  Stuartli 16:33 17 Mar 2008

I also use the free Auslogics defragger - works fine for me and certainly much better, I've found, than IOBit.

  sunny staines 18:49 17 Mar 2008

tried lots of defrags[not dk2008] so far jk defrag [free]recommended by cocteau is the most impressive better than iobit,auslogics,dk2007,norton defrag.

  anniesboy68 20:11 17 Mar 2008

Thanks all for the input. Have just downloaded JK defragger to have a look. Didn't install screensaver. Although the defragger seem to be working ok the display is horrible, not what I am used to. Looks corrupted somehow. any views on that. AB 68

  brundle 20:33 17 Mar 2008

That's sort of the point - the display is showing the distribution of data across the disk. When it's continous from start to finish, your files are defragged and contiguous.

  sunny staines 20:33 17 Mar 2008

read the web page re jk defrag click here

the display is in pixels instead of blocks. I ran the defrag then set up a schedule cmd.exe as explained and no longer worry about defrag. [I set mine to run each time the pc boots up so it defrags before other stuff runs, if i want to access the pc quickly i just close the cmd screen it closes ok as described on the web page]

  anniesboy68 20:44 17 Mar 2008

Brundle/Sunnystaines/ [I used to play the trumpet down that way [Staines that is]. Thanks for the info Yes will, or am now printing the information, looks good!!!! AB 68

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