Diskeeper 2007 pro

  Cyberdog 19:22 24 Nov 2008

I have been using Diskeeper 2007 pro for some time now, without any problems. However I decided to defrag my Buffalo 500GB external HDD. The problem is Diskeeper tells me “ CHKDSK is due to run on this volume at next boot up. I have run CHKDSK on it and it has completed, but Diskeeper still insists it needs to run.
Has anyone got an answer to this problem please.


  bikerider1 21:38 24 Jun 2009

I noticed that you ran "chkdsk" but did you run this with the /f or /r parameter? Check disk will need to be done with one of the following parameters:

chkdsk <drive:> /f


chkdsk <drive:> /r

The reason you are receiving this error is that Diskeeper is determining that your drive is in a "dirty" condition. Since data integrity is a primary concern on any hard drive, Diskeeperwill not defragment a drive in a "dirty" condition since this would risk the data on the drive.

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