diskboot error

  NEOSPHEAR 08:18 16 Jan 2003
  NEOSPHEAR 08:18 16 Jan 2003

Built a new pc m/b K7s6a, 1100 duron, 256 ddr ram 80gig h/d,partitioned into 5 partitions with fdisk.now i set it up got it running without to much bother and left it a day or to before firing it up again and it came up with diskboot error so i reformated c: again and once again it was ok after a couple of days it did it again any ideas? i know i partitioned and formated it right although when first booting up it is reconizing the h/d as a 81gig instead of 80 could this be the problem?

  DieSse 11:05 16 Jan 2003

80Gb usually means approx - so doubt if that is the problem.

When you have left it, and it comes up with disk boot error - if you leave it on and running for, say 15mins, then reboot - does it work OK.

Sounds anyway as if you have a faulty Hard Drive - even if it's just slow to get going, it shouldn't be.

You could try downloading an HDD diagnostic, such as Seatools (see downloads section) - and running it immediately you switch on.

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