Disk usage 100%, causes severe loading times

  Tyron_M 15:33 16 Sep 2018

Hello there

As you can see in the Youtube video below it takes a while when I Alt+Tab out and into of league of legends (joke all you want how I rather should Alt+F4 the game). This is Quiet annoying, especially when I'm getting a discord call mid game and can't quickly pick up and get straight back into the game. Also in the video you can see that my game of pubg starts even before there is anything loaded yet. Another example is when i start up the game Rust and try to get into a server it can last up to 40minutes to get into one and a further 10 to get a smooth framerate. This is rather annoying more than anything because once it's all loaded in everything works fine. The same sort of loading lag also happend when i was opening the video editing software and also occurs when opening google chrome.

What could be the possible cause of this? I think it could be my HDD and a SSD would fix this. But i could be completely wrong and i don't want to spend €100 if I'm not sure that would fix it. All help would be greatly appriciated ♥

Specs Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K CPU 3.50GHz 3.50GHz


Type: 64Bit

Graphic card: GTX 970

If i missed any important specs, ask.

Reference: click here (for some reason there isn't any audio but that should be fine, normally audio that confirms you are in the pregame lobby starts at 3:24 in the video.)

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