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Disk space going down without doing anything

  Anon-2388515 13:08 17 Apr 2017


Just today I was cleaning up a bit on my computer and deleting various files and programs. After doing so, I had roughly 97 GB of storage space left. However, upon looking how much space I had just a minute ago, I found that it had gone down to 93 GB, without me having done anything. No downloads, no changes, no nothing. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

I also have another issue. The reason I had for deleting all the files to free up space was that it was really low at the time, around 3 GB. Simultaneously, my computer was running really slow and if I wanted to play a downloaded movie or something, it would be really laggy and slow. Is it possible that my computer running really slow could be due to low storage space? Slow movies is not the only problem, if I try to turn of my computer it stays at a screen saying "Preparing Windows configuration. Do not turn off your computer." for a really long time. What could the causes be for this?

Basically, what I would like some help with is:

Why is my storage space going down, without me doing anything?

Could the causes of my computer having become slower during recent times somehow be connected to how much space there is on it? (For example when it is really low, does that slow down the computer?)

Any help is appreciated.

  Anon-1250667 13:50 17 Apr 2017

Have you emptied the recycle bin??

  Anon-2388515 13:55 17 Apr 2017

Of course I have.

  Anon-319210 14:18 17 Apr 2017

Low disk space will certainly slow your PC down.

Windows may have created a restore point that may account for the recent lost space. Old restore points can be deleted.

A good program for removing temporay and junk files and old restore points is CCleaner

  Anon-281249 14:44 17 Apr 2017

You have not told us anything about your Computer. particularly about the Size of your hard drive.

When the contents of a Hard Drive exceeds about 90% Capacity. Finding useable space begins to affect the performance of the Computer, quite markedly.

Apart from clearing out detritus which CCleaner is very good at, you could also use CCleaner to remove Software that is no longer of use to you.

Buying a USB3 External Hard Drive and transferring stored Movies to it is one of the easier ways to clear space. USB3 is quite fast enough the run a Movie without transferring it to the Main HD.

  Anon-281249 14:46 17 Apr 2017

p.s. Defragging a really full Hard Drive is frequently impossible as the Software will not have sufficient available space to do it's job

  Anon-2388515 17:30 24 Apr 2017

Thanks guys, I downloaded CCleaner and it worked wonders. It freed up loads of space and my computer is functioning adequately.

  Anon-281249 17:39 24 Apr 2017

With CCleaner, when you run a Registry Scan, you get the option to store the changes before you press the "Fix" button.

Yes, you must and then chose to store them somewhere easily accessible. I use the "My Docs" Folder and always keep the last two sets.

I run CCleaner once a week, others do it once a month and, a few do it every day!

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