Disk size incorrect

  croydon 22:48 13 Jul 2003

I recently reformated the disk on an old pc and installed Windows ME.

Today I unexpectedly ran out of disk space. I noticed that in 'My Computer' that the disk size is shown as 1.99GB, whereas when I ran FDISK and reformatted the disk, the size was shown correctly at 12GB.

What have I done wrong?

  madPentium 00:46 14 Jul 2003

If the bios says it is 12gig then you must have done something wrong in fdisk.
If you boot up and in the options menu choose 'dos prompt' you can type dir there and see what size dos is reporting. If it says 12gig then you have a windows problem, if it says 2gig then it is something you did when selecting partition sizes. Are you sure in fdisk you deleted the old partition first? or did you create a new one with unused space and make it active?

  croydon 09:25 14 Jul 2003

The PC is a PIII. I previously had WinXP installed but bought a new PC so decided to re-install WinME on this one.

When I ran FDISK I just setup a DOS partition and took the default settings (would changing from NTFS have caused this?). I did not specify a size.

I ran DIR and it only showed the bytes free. This seems to tie up with what Windows is reporting (2GB).

Whereabouts in the BIOS do I look for the disk size?

When I run FDISK again do I need to delete the old DOS partition? What type of partitions should I create instead?


  madPentium 17:46 14 Jul 2003

go into fdisk and delete all existing partitions, but most importantly, the NON DOS partition which should be the ntfs. When you have deleted all partitions, go into create a partition and create your dos one with all available space if you want one big partition.

Now reboot and format the drive and it should format the correct size.

  croydon 08:53 15 Jul 2003

Actually what I said may have been a little misleading. I want to ultimately run WinME on this PC, but to do that I have to begin by installing Win95, then upgrading to WinME as I only have an upgrade CD.

I have removed all partitions (with the Win95 boot disk and CD) but the DOS partition I create has a maximum size of 2047mb (16% of the total).

How to I partition the remaining 84%?


  Jester2K II 09:04 15 Jul 2003

USe a Win98 or Me Boot Disk so you can enable Large Disk Support.

  croydon 09:04 15 Jul 2003

But if I create it as FAT32 using a Win98 boot disk, wont I have problems when I install Win95?

  Terrahawk 09:09 15 Jul 2003

create the partition using the 98 boot disk you dont create the file system until format so it may be feasable to format using the 95 disk thinking out loud havn't tried it but it sounds good

  croydon 10:29 15 Jul 2003

Beta, I followed your instructions and the problem is now resolved. Thanks for your help.

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