Disk read error revisited?

  Demora 12:24 28 Jun 2007

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That was my original problem. NOW the updated one.

Yesterday I finally got this pc u0p and running, almost had all the software loaded and then I thought I'd d/load 'Firefox' Got it installed and running. BUT now we're back to the original problem. (this happens because Firefox freezes the pc after about 10minutes use and the only way I can get this to stop is by turning the pc off at the mains) The computer is fine if I use IE6.)

I prefer fir4efox of IE6/7 but its beginning to look like I can't use this browser

Any ideas on how I cqan fix this?


  umbongo(uk) 12:25 28 Jun 2007

are you downloadin fire fox from the official site

click here

  Demora 19:00 28 Jun 2007

Yes. But now I'm thinking it could be the PSU has bee at fault all this time.

Thanks for the help.


  Demora 19:02 28 Jun 2007

BTW its not fine in IE6 same happens when I run anything. After 10ish minutes the whole pc is locking up.


  umbongo(uk) 07:31 01 Jul 2007

to find out if its a power issue

dont forget to ground yourself by touching the case before touching anything inside

Dont Forget to unplug the power supply kettle lead

unplug dvd drive ,floppy drive any other readers
so the psu isnt powering them up ,just the motherboard lead should be plugged in
you may have to press f1 to carry on booting if it says no floppy found
also re check everything inside is firmly seated
just give them a little push

now retry what you were doing

still freezing

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