Disk Read error on boot up (win2kpro)

  richierich 11:08 15 Nov 2003

On booting up I get a disk read error message before it gets to windows. I switch off, on again and usually it boots up ok.
Have done disk checks, virus checks but still happens. any ideas please.

  MichelleC 11:38 15 Nov 2003

If you've done sfc you can do a os repair which means you'll have to reinstall updates, but data etc is kept:

Boot from os disc, select install, then select install again, then chose your os, then chose repair.

  richierich 11:42 15 Nov 2003

will I have to reinstall drivers and programmes if i do a repair?

  MichelleC 12:57 15 Nov 2003

Not progs, but a few drivers maybe. I use Driver backup which copies all drivers click here

  richierich 14:15 15 Nov 2003

thanks MichelleC, ill give it a go.

  DieSse 16:25 15 Nov 2003

A disk read error indicates a hardware problem more than a software one. After all, if you think about it - how can a piece of software not work correctly at one switch-on - yet work OK on next switch-on

It's possible your hard drive is a bit slow at getting up to speed after a cold boot. You could try changing the "Quick Boot Option" to Disabled in the BIOS. This runs a longer memory test and gives the hard drive a few more seconds to "get going".

  richierich 22:03 15 Nov 2003

DieSse- interesting point as problem only occured after I added another drive as slave, I thought this was the problem so I replaced the newer drive with another but problem continued so I assumed it would be unlikely to have two drives causing the same intermittent problem.
Would it be way off base to suspect the power supply as it was taken from an older case, I cant tell what wattage it is but naybe its not powerful enough, Im clutching at straws but well.

  DieSse 10:42 16 Nov 2003

No, it wouldn't be abad idea to suspect the power supply - one that was marginal could well struugle at power up - when it has to supply extra power to get drives moving, etc.

But please try the startup delay thingy I mentioned, too.

  Wizzy 11:23 16 Nov 2003

This sounds a bit like a bug in Windows 2000. Windows Update has a patch to do with booting up and NTFS hard disks. Download that and see if it makes a differance.

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