Disk Read Error

  Demora 15:12 16 Jan 2007


On occasions when I boot up the pc I get a 'Disk Read Error press ctrl-alt-del to restart'

This doesn't happen everytime in fact not at all (so far) today.

I've checked the cables in the computer for looseness and been through for dust. I'm at a loss now.

I've even searched google but no-one really knows whats causing it.

PC is AMD Athlon 64 3400 1gbyte RAM ATI x1300 GFX Maxtor 200gbyte Hdd Belkin pre N pci Wifi card etc from Novatech 13months ago

Any pointers would be useful.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 16 Jan 2007

Check the disk for errors.
In My computer right click the drive - select properties -tools tab - error checking.

  xania 15:47 16 Jan 2007

Does this always happen at the same stage of the boot-up? If so, I would suspect a damaged file in your OS but if it varies could be a sign of HHD problems on the horizon.

  Demora 16:02 16 Jan 2007

Yes always at the same stage of boot up.

Nothing comes up abnormal in error checking


  xania 17:00 16 Jan 2007

Its probably a damaged file - hopefully not WIndows but one of the other applications that is trying to load. However, might be worth checking you r hard dsik for problems.

  Demora 15:21 18 Jan 2007

Update on the problem.....

Since posting here for help. The pc has been very well behaved. I did take the side off and notice that theres a dome shaped filter holder on the panel and wondered whether this was causing any problems. Like trapping wires etc`

Can I remove the object. Doesn't seem to catch much dust in the filter (It would fit over the main fan thats attached to the processor)



  xania 16:43 18 Jan 2007

Its not unknown for Windows to throw a wobbly and then carry on normally - don't know, but perhaps its capable of some simple form of self repair. Certianly, if you load in safe mode, all sorts of repairs seem possible. I reckon you are now at the 'if it ai'nt broke' stage.

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