Disk problems

  Siberian Winter 14:56 07 Mar 2003

I recently installed win98 as a second operating system on my win XP computer (thanks to the help I got here). Now I am having problems with the drive W98 is on (error writing to disk, that sort of thing). I'd like to uninstall W98 in preparation for replacing the drive, but I'm not sure how to do this. I was at a place in XP which listed the OS's present and gave an option to uninstall, but I can't remember how I got there. Add/remove programs does not list W98, and the windows xp help is, well, no help. Another question, if I replace the drive, would it be possible to boot into DOS with a floppy and transfer the files using DOS with the c: drive disconnected? Thanks

  hgrock 16:20 07 Mar 2003

if you have anyfilenames longer than 8 letterDoc would have a problem, if you are replacing the drive why bother to remove 98, don'y quite understand this question.
(would it be possible to boot into DOS with a floppy and transfer the files using DOS with the c: drive disconnected?) how would you transfeer the files if the C drive is disconnected

  Diemmess 16:23 07 Mar 2003

Getting rid of W98

If you are going to replace the HDD and not use the Win 98 installation you have, then there is no need to uninstall Win98.

The present installation seems dodgy, so provided you put all data somewhere safe on another drive the rest can be "formatted" clean away.

You will have to install all serious applications again anyway unless you make an image with Ghost or Drive Image, but then you will be keeping your faulty Win98 as well and going round in circles!

I can't help with the new installation of XP but if that too is a new installation then it will install without DOS.

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