Disk Partitions on Win XP Home - Help!

  big_lads 09:18 16 Jan 2003
  big_lads 09:18 16 Jan 2003

I recently bought a new machine with WinXP Home preinstalled. Once I got it home and booted it up, I found that the HDD was partitioned into 3 drives,C: D: & E:.

Bots C: & D: are about the same size, D: is named 'Backup', E: is tiny. ( 1 GB).

My questions are, is the D: Drive really a backup drive? i.e. will the OS automatically backup data on C: to D:? Can I repartition the HDD to make just 1 logical drive without having to reinstall everything?

I don't want to start playing with FDISK and things like that unless I know what is likely to happen.

Sorry for asking what may seem a dumb question, but having come from Mac / Win2K environment I'm not entirely sure what XP is doing.

Thanks in advance

  Brian-336451 09:35 16 Jan 2003

Having been using xph for a year now, I'm not aware that the os will back anything up automatically unless you set up batch files.

If xp was pre-installed its possible that 'they' have stuck the installation files on D in case C goes tits-up.

Partition Magic 7 or 8 is absolutely first class for sorting out your partition on the fly.

Have you got the xp cd? If not why not?

In your case (personally) I'd buy a second hard drive, copy my data onto it ( for safety and storage) and sort those partitions out. The 1Gb is probably for your data as very few of us ever 'need' anything like that for data.

My wife's honours degree work went onto TWO floppies and she got a 2:1!

Good luck, hope it helps

  big_lads 10:19 16 Jan 2003

I do have the XP Disk! I haven't leeched it from anywhere! At the moment my C: & D: Drives are both about 30GB, really I just want to have a big C: drive of 60GB and the tiny E: drive can stay as it is as it probably holds 'core' data in case of a nasty crash as Beta sadi - although it'll probably have to be called D: if the current D: disappears....

Ouch, my head hurts ;-)

  big_lads 10:32 16 Jan 2003

I don't know, I'll have to check when I get home....

Ouch - that could be another reason to leave it alone! Change the Disk partition and buy a New OS in case things go wrong :-(

I knew I should have stuck with Win2KPro, but it seems that all machines come with XP preinstalled nowadays.

  jazzypop 10:36 16 Jan 2003

1. Who did you buy it from? If it was one of the 'big name' suppliers, they will probably have the answer on their web site, under the Support FAQs.

2. What is the content of the 30GB drive? As the two drives are identical in size, it is possible that your supplier has already installed a backup program that will regularly backup the contents of C: to D:

3. The only sensible use of a 1GB E: drive is to store an image of the original Windows installation, that can be used in conjunction with a 'Restore CD'.

The frequent threads on this forum, stating 'Help, I've lost all my data' reinforce (for me) the benefits of having a backup partition, or additional disk. I would not be in too much of a hurry to lose the backup partition. If you need additional storage space already, consider an extra drive.

  big_lads 11:14 16 Jan 2003

More complex than I hoped - but thanks for all of your help!

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