Disk Partitioning Magician Required!!!!

  busybaz 12:56 12 Jan 2010

Trying to fix a PC [Time Computers} with an assumed hidden partition [ see click here]

Now decided to reformat & install OS from scratch. I assume only the main, visible partition will be available to format. Anyone know how to make all of the drive visible & available?

Or recommend any relevant forums that may be able to assist?

  scotty 13:37 12 Jan 2010

Using GParted (available on most Linux live CDs) will allow you to remove partitions and recover the space. GParted can be run from Linux running on the CD i.e. you do not need to have an operating system on the harddrive.

  bremner 13:40 12 Jan 2010

From your previous thread you say that the drive is 120GB but after formatting will show 117GB.

This is not correct it will be 111.75GB

120,000,000,000 / 1024 / 1024 /1024.

You also say that disk management does not show a hidden partition - it should.

Can you tell us what size disk management reports the formatted partition to be?

  BRYNIT 13:51 12 Jan 2010

You could try

Easeus Partition Manager click here


Paragon Partition Manager 2010 click here

Both Free.

  bremner 13:51 12 Jan 2010

Having reread the original thread you say:

"There was no support package with the PC, therefore no Reload CD, but there is obviously a hidden partition [Seagate 120GB HDD, only one partition circa 111GB shows]"

You are therefore wrongly assuming their is a hidden partition.

  busybaz 18:00 12 Jan 2010

Thanks for the interest, guys

Today, used floppy boot from click here , hoping to clear Administrator password, [though I don't think it's there anyway due to non-loading of registry hive].

This disk is Linux based and showed;
Disk: /dev/sda 117.1GB 117185740800 bytes.
All Partitions: /dev/sda1 * 1 14248 114439168 c Win95 FAT32 (LBA).

The fact that the first line shows 117.1GB and all partition managers tried so far show just one primary partition of just over 111GB indicates to me the existance of a [very well!!!] hidden partition.

Will try suggestions and report back

  bremner 18:10 12 Jan 2010

What this means is that Linux is reporting that the physical disk (sda) is 117.1GB

sda1 is the sole partition on the disk.

  canarieslover 19:27 12 Jan 2010

If you are convinced that you do have a hidden partition then I did point you to click here as a sorce of recovery disks for Time Computers, in your previous thread. Like most of the others I am not convinced that there is a hidden partition.

  busybaz 17:32 13 Jan 2010

Further ramblings!

bremner - OK, let me try a different tack. Re your first post & my disk calculations being incorrect, manufacturers using 1000 as a MB would make a 120GB drive [120,000MB] 117.1GB [120,000÷1024].
So, if the physical disk (sda) is 117.1GB and only one partition showing [shown by partition managers as 111.7GB], where is the rest of the disk? Wouldn't you expect the remainder to at least show as free space?

Anyone out there who would actually tell me I'm not imagining things?!!!

canarieslover - On full investigation, your link does not provide recovery disks any more ["During a meeting with Microsoft in January 2009 Microsoft asked us to cease supplying the CDs, but to continue to supply the Time Computer Drivers and Utilities with technical support."]

BRYNIT - Thanks for the links. Partition managers have not proved successful to date so I shall leave these as the last resort.

scotty - As a Linux based prog has been the only one to show the true [?] size of the disk [unless Partition Magic's offer to "fix error" would work - see my original thread link], your possible solution sounds the most promising. Any particular variety of Linux recommendations?!!!!!!

  DieSse 17:59 13 Jan 2010

"manufacturers using 1000 as a MB would make a 120GB drive [120,000MB] 117.1GB [120,000÷1024]"

No - manufacturers use 1000 as a KiloByte (instead of 1024) - so, as above a 120GB drive is 120,000,000,000 divided by 1024 three times.

= 111.76GB (rounded)

  bremner 18:00 13 Jan 2010

busybaz -

You are not getting the math correct.

The disk has 120 billion bytes = 120,000,000,000

To get that to Gigabytes you maust divide by 1024 to get to KB then 1024 to get to MB and finally 1024 to get to GB

120,000,000,000 /1024 /1024 /1024 = 111.75GB

Disk Manager in Windows reports one partition.
Linux reports only sda1 i.e. One partition.

Nothing you have posted indicates a hidden partition.

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