"Disk is not blank" (HP)

  Burnsy 13:38 17 Jan 2005

Just trying to create a System Recovery disk (DVD) on a new HP Pavilion but the message keeps popping up as "Disk is not blank". I know its blank 'cos I just got it out of the sealed packet.

Tried a second one but just the same.

Anyone had similar problems or any suggestions how to get round this ?

  alan227 13:39 17 Jan 2005


  Burnsy 13:44 17 Jan 2005


  Carpigiani 13:49 17 Jan 2005

Sounds like the disks are not compatable with the burner.
Is it that the disks are minus & the burner is plus or vice versa.

  alan227 13:52 17 Jan 2005

Their are quite a few posts on this in other forums.
Have you tried a DVDRW

  Burnsy 14:22 17 Jan 2005

Alan, the instructions specifically call for a recordable disk so think I'm onside there,

and Carpagiani, sorry but I'm not conversant with thisa plus / minus thing - plse expand ...

  Carpigiani 14:28 17 Jan 2005

DVD writers are undergoing the same sort of format wars that went on in the early 80's with video recorders, which VHS finally won.

There are different formats of disks & writers.
Some writers are multi format, some are not.
The ones are are not will not recognise the other format's media.

Post the model of your system & we may be able to find out which format yours is, then look at your box of disks & see if they are compatible with your writer.

  alan227 14:28 17 Jan 2005

Early DVD burners were - or + and as such would only burn to - disks or + disks.
As you say it is a new computer it should be a duel burner ( - & + )

  Burnsy 14:35 17 Jan 2005

(Thanks again, at work now, will check at home tonight)

  Carpigiani 16:46 17 Jan 2005

I have just checked the HP site & some of the DVD writers on their Pavilion systems only support the + format. It should tell you somewhere in your manual which yours supports.

  Burnsy 21:39 17 Jan 2005

Thanks Carpigiani, you got it in one.

The manual only refers to DVD+R's, I had never realised there were two formats, and the manual should really highlight that point (or there should be a notice on the dvd pack).

Not too costly a mistake but someone out there should be looking out for those of us older than Bill Gates..

HP Pavilion buyers beware !

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