Disk Management problem

  Ozy 12:26 02 Jul 2008

On Vista Premium I have one 250Gb hard drive (sata) split into 3 partitions,
Acer C: 77.88Gb, Data D: 111.00Gb, Data+ K: 33.71Gb
I wanted to reduce Data D: and add to Data+ K:.
In Management / Disk Management, I reduced Data D: and I have now got,
Data D:55.77GB, and an Unallocated partition of 55.66Gb.
Right click unallocated partition I get the format box, it offers me
Maximum disk space in Mbts 5700
Minimum disk space in Mbts 8
Simple volume size in Mbts 5700
Click next
Assign the following drive letter L
Click next
Format the volume
Click next, click finish
An Error Box, says
There is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation.
Click OK and I am back at Disk Management.
I have tried reducing the simple volume 5700 to 5566 to match the
Unallocated partition, but this does not work either.
how can i format this partition, and add it to Data+

  Gordon999 15:08 02 Jul 2008

Try deleting the unallocated partition, if this is not already unpartioned, delting it should make it so.

You should then be able to extend you Data partion to include this unallocated space.

  Ozy 14:19 03 Jul 2008

there was nothing to clck to delete it,so i
extended partition data D: ,and i am back where i
started from .i have serched the web and cannot find a partitiom manager that works with Vista.
i intended to put XP on the new partition,
i will now do that, and partition data D: in XP,
with partition magic 7 which i have
thanks for trying

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