Disk hogging file

  achilles123 12:03 11 Dec 2003

I've just found a file "Pagefils.csp", over 500Mb in root on my C: drive. Any suggestions as to where it came from? System is w98(2), and recent large file operations included Microsoft backup, Roxio drag to disk, Roxio CD creator, Willow Creek Backup to CDRW, and Windows & Internet washer pro from eWasher. Do you think the file can be dumped? (It has to go completely as it's too big for recycle bin)

  achilles123 16:11 13 Dec 2003

I've repeated what I was doing at the time, and it seems that it's a temporary file used by my CDRW burner. Maybe it uses some java??. Normally it is deleted after the burn completes, but this time I had to abort when attempting to burn about 450 meg and the pc ground to a halt with no disc space left on C:

  achilles123 13:01 18 Feb 2006

the file pagefils.csp is created by "Windows and internet washer" when the wipe pagefile option is selected. It is a dummy file that is swapped with the pagefile at next boot. Once windows is running it can be discarded

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