Disk Fragmenter Prob

  Bun 16:43 22 Mar 2005

I am running Windows ME and using Blueyonder Broadband (which I switched off). Disk Fragmenter and Scandisk no lomger work. Only used it a month ago. Have switched off Zone Alaarm and everything else I can think of. The only addition I have had since last month is McAfee quickclean which includes a McAfee Security Center which appears to be off.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  howard60 16:47 22 Mar 2005

with me you have system restore and can go back to when it was working ok.

  sattman 16:59 22 Mar 2005

where are you switching Zone alarm off from? , if you are closing it at the tray this does not stop it running. Try closing it down at start up using msconfig. Zone alarm, Spyware guard and the tea timer in Spybot were all found to be stopping scandisk on my win ME system.

If you want a alternative firewall that does not cause this problem try the free version of Sygate, it seems to be less intrusive also.

  Bun 17:26 22 Mar 2005

I've no date on my system restore. I have turned zone alarm off as suggested by sattman still no luck.

  sattman 19:22 22 Mar 2005

Bun obviously you need to reboot your computer so that zone alarm doesn't start up, and then scan. Also you could scan in safe mode which bypasses all start up items, it is little slower.

  Confab 19:24 22 Mar 2005

When you say they don't work what do you mean? Do the apps start at all or do you get any error message?


  Bun 13:44 23 Mar 2005

They both start up but the disk frag just sits there doing nothing. Scandisk starts scans folders then stops and starts re scanning folders after ten tries it comes up with the message tried 10 times do I want to continue? Not much point goes thru the same sequence again. Have tried sarting up without zone alarm same prob. Am going to give it a try in safe mode any other ideas helpful. Cheers

  Bun 16:13 23 Mar 2005

I have managed to defrag going into safemode but it's a real pain in the posterior. I'm putting resolved but it would be nice to do it without safemode.

  raptor1 17:16 23 Mar 2005

to stopn defraggger restarting , the following may be helpful (some things are win98)
(1) run find on all large files (eg > 100k files), eliminate duplicates, also all internet files
(1) shut down "servers" including PWS or IIS, pause the Task Scheduler
(2) power management - set "ALWAYS ON" - set monitor always on, also set via control panel the screen saver to NONE - othersie kicks in and forces defraf to start over
(3) get rid off all except : systray, explorer
(4) get rid off ezicon - it will loop otherwise

Hope this helps. first time i did this it ran nearly 5 hours, after that down to maybe 1 hour. no need to defrag very often maybe twice a year

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