disk error or non system disk

  Aristocatman 21:21 22 Apr 2011

I have had this problem a couple of times last time after running recovery console(WindowsXP Pro)& chkdsk /p it has worked but this time nothing from the recovery console has made a difference chkdsk no errors tried fixboot & fixmbr no effect. running out of ideas. PC is an HP xw6400 workstation twin Zeon processors HDD is a Samsung 1Tb could this be an MB problem?

  lotvic 00:33 23 Apr 2011

Usually it means that the pc is trying to boot from a non-bootable source or your harddrive is on the blink and is not always recognised.

Check to make sure you don't have a floppy (if you have a floppy drive) or a CD/DVD in that the pc is trying to boot from.

If that is not the problem then it's probably the harddrive on the blink, so back up your Data quick and make sure you have a copy of your OS in case you have to replace the harddrive with a new one and will need to reinstall. (Ideally you will already have a backup image made and saved on an external harddrive with a program like Acronis True Image so that you can reinstall to a new internal harddrive)

  Strawballs 01:09 23 Apr 2011

Take the side off and make sure all the cables are connected properly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 23 Apr 2011

All of the above

Also try changing CMOS battery as BIOS may be losing the HDD settings.

  Aristocatman 11:30 23 Apr 2011

Thanks for replies,I did all as suggested except I need to get an external drive for backup. I was trying to remember having a similar problem a while ago on a different PC& how I fixed it that was caused by having a USB connected unit that was drawing power. I have the same here a USB powered led desk light I turned the light off - it lit up as soon as I switched the PC on - & the PC booted up normally. For whatever reason the USB connected item affects the motherboard, power drain? or what & stops it booting.Fingers crossed problem solved, but I will get an external drive just in case!

  lotvic 12:46 23 Apr 2011

In the BIOS, check the boot order and alter to the harddrive. (May or may not be the source of the problem)

  woodchip 12:58 23 Apr 2011

Its telling you that the errors are not on the Operating System Partition, it on a External or other Partition the Restore is trying to monitor. You need to turn off all Restore on other than the System Partition. Then others do a Disc check

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