Disk in DVD burner causes PC to lock up

  Night Ryder 23:19 05 May 2005

I have two PC at work I use for video editing and making DVD videos. Both PC's are running Windows XP Pro. If I have a disk in the drive either DVD or CD at boot up the system very often locks up just after windows has fully loaded. If after I've been working on the PC for some time I insert a DVD or CD the same thing happens, the PC locks up. I must stress this hapens most times but not always. Sometimes I put a disk in and everything is OK.

I've worked out that when I'm ready to burn a disk and if I wait until the point where the software opens the drive door and asks me to insert blank media the system will always work without freezing. It's as if something is using the drive and doesn't like the interuption of puting a disk in the drive, the only exception being the point when my CD burning software takes over. Does this make any sense to anyone?

I've checked the IDE channel settings for the drive and tried different transfer modes to no avail. Can anyone help?

  Chegs ® 01:03 06 May 2005

Let me guess,your using Nero Burning software? Often,InCD is blamed(on my system)for Windows Explorer crashing,PC failing to shutdown,sluggish booting,refusing to read a DVD,etc.I am still working thru various software configurations to see if I can identify why another app install "upsets" Nero,but its a slow process as I can often wait hours/days after another progs installation before InCD starts acting up,or it can be fine until I reboot,without having installed anything.If your not using Nero,I'm clueless as to why it should happen. :-)

  Pooke100 10:08 06 May 2005

when I insert a cd to be burnt Nero reduces the PC to a crawl, for about 1 min+ then it comes alright again. Don't know why and I have learned to live with it.

Sorry I can't help :(

  mattyc_92 10:10 06 May 2005

It sounds like you either haven't set the "jumper" settings correctly when installing the drives, or the drive doesn't "like" the type of disk you are using

  Graham ® 10:11 06 May 2005

From a recent experience, it may be the DVD writer is failing.

  Night Ryder 19:46 06 May 2005

Graham ®, DVD writer is failing? Might have thought this was the case but this is happening on two separate PC's. The two PC affected are identical builds. In other words they have the same motherboard, graphics cards, sound cards, memory, CPU's etc.,

The software titles I use most frequently for making DVD's are "Nero6" and "Adobe" Audition1.5.
Both fully updated. I don't think the software is to blame.

Chegs ®, I take your point about InCD. I've had a number of problems with this programme on diferent system in the past. I'll try removing this as I don't use this very often and see what happens.

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