Disk drive not reading Images

  [DELETED] 12:57 09 May 2006

On behalf of a friend ' could anyone point me in the right direction' the machine is running windows xp and for some reason will not read disc's with images ie: photographs........i have been told it maybe the bios settings.

  Diemmess 17:50 09 May 2006

If you mean CDs with pictures, were they once readable on your friend's PC?
(It can happen with files on HD or floppy as well)

If this is a first time, then either the pics are not "associated with an application" or perhaps the CD is not readable on that PC's configuration.
Try finding the pic you want in "my Computer" and right click on that file. Then choose "open with" and select the software you expect to open it.

Have you tried the pics with another PC?

If you have no luck post back with the full subscript of the files eg .gif, .tiff, .jpg etc.

  [DELETED] 18:39 09 May 2006

The Cd's were one readable on the pc' I have tried the discs on my pc and they work fine' I have looked at file associations and the images are set to open in windows picture and fax viewer' when I try to read the disc i get an empty folder appearing.The problem is with all image files as far as i can figure out.

  [DELETED] 18:40 09 May 2006

Is It possibly a BIOS Issue?

  Diemmess 19:24 09 May 2006

No, the BIOS will not have anything to to with this provided YF's (your friend's) computer can see the CD drive/s in My Computer.

You can still open these files on your computer?
Assuming you can, list them in My Computer set as view-details. This will allow you to see the subscript so we can know what type of file each is.

Can YF read any other CDs?
If YF can, then the problem lies with incorrect file association on that computer.

One possible problem is if you made the CDs yourself, did you use the same software method as YF has (CDR or CDRW)? Multi-session or finalised?

Sorry these are more questions, but the answers may point the way to go. I will be away from this forum until sometime tomorrow. Hope you win over this problem.

  [DELETED] 20:31 09 May 2006

Yes the my computer folder is showing the drive
and is playing all other media ' music'dvd etc'. Image files are opening ok from the HD' i forgot to mention that these cd's used to run ok on the machine previousley' I will get the cd's and look at the Details' I am sure they are either jpeg or bitmap................
Thanks For your help' I will post as soon as i have any more Info.....Regards

  [DELETED] 19:58 11 May 2006

Hi Sorry it took so long but i couldnt get the disk any sooner' The Images on the disc are JPEG..

  [DELETED] 20:22 11 May 2006

This is an interesting one. I can't see any reason why the CD drive would hide image files, because to a CD drive files are files and the drive can't tell the difference. All the drive does is give Windows an allocation of what's on the CD and what sector of the CD each file begins and ends. When you click a file it reads that bit of information from the CD and Windows does the rest. If the CD is multisession, this can sometimes mean it cannot be read properly on older drives.

However the image files on the CD could simply be hidden and Windows hasn't been set to display hidden files and folders. To show hidden files and folders, open a folder window and in the menu click Tools then Folder Options. Select the View tab and where it says "Hidden files and folders" in the list, click Show hidden files and folders. Then just click Apply and press OK.

  [DELETED] 20:34 11 May 2006

Try using a dedicated graphics program, I use PhotoImpact which was a freebie on a PCAdvisor disk. Load the program and it should then read the pic files no matter what program they are associated with. Another good one is IrfanView free as a downlad from click here

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