Disk Drive Issue

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 12:46 19 Nov 2005

I have a Maxtor 250GB harddrive with 1gb avalible to use but i cannot see any of the files on the drive i thought it was to do with my older machine but have checed it on the newer one via USB connector and still same result also the files are not hidden as i have checked this is there any thing i can do

  woodchip 12:50 19 Nov 2005

Lets get this strait, Is it a new Drive or have you filled 249Gb?


  woodchip 13:09 19 Nov 2005

Can Disc Check see the disc in my computer double click to see if drive shows. If it does run disc check on the drive

windows sees the drive and i can get into the drive but no files are showing i have tried a scan disk but it states windows cannot complete this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 19 Nov 2005

Is this the drive with windows on?

What version of windows are you using?

HAve you used any sort of program to hide/ lock folders?

no windows on disk both comps using XP 1 pro other home as far as i am aware i have not locked or hidden files there was a windows directory but i could not delte it if windows was on there it would have been XP but it was never booted up as drive was slave there is also a poss that i may have done a disk clean up will this remove the files from view or would it still show dir as none are showing

  €dstowe 08:55 20 Nov 2005

No help to you but, I work on the principle that a hard drive that has data on half its possible capacity is effectively "full".

There should always be space available on a drive for all the hidden operations that are done by the operating system and I would suspect that lack of space to be able to do this is part of your problem.

  CLONNEN 09:09 20 Nov 2005

Is this an external USB hard drive of 250GB we are talking about here?

Maybe you should try connecting the drive via the internal IDE connection and see if you can access the data that way.

  CLONNEN 09:15 20 Nov 2005

Just an idea but does the BIOS on your computers support drives over 137GB.

There is a download somewhere on the Maxtor website for enabling large disk support.

  CLONNEN 09:31 20 Nov 2005

Which computer did you use to Save the files onto the 250Gb drive in the first place? The old computer? Have you reinstalled Windows on it recently? Reinstalling Windows may have reset something which you need to access the drive.

Were the file written to the drive using a USB connection?

Is USB the only connection the 250GB drive has? Or is it a combo Ethernet/USB network drive? If files are written to a combo drive using Ethernet connection they are NOT viewable when connected to a computer via USB.

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