Disk Defragment

  GuZ><0r 17:28 13 Dec 2005

I have tried to install Diskepper 7 Lite but it will not because it says I don't have access to the right keys. I have tried altering the permissions bu they always go back to what they were before. Basically what I want to know is, if there is another deframenting tool that is free and that works well.

  Totally-braindead 18:41 13 Dec 2005

I presume that what you are saying is that your are not the administrator therefore it will not let you install the program. Why not just use windows own defrag program or is there a problem with it?

  Wak 19:02 13 Dec 2005

Which version of Windows are you running??

  GuZ><0r 21:26 13 Dec 2005

I am running XP pro, but I had the trial Diskeeper 9 and that said that i needed to defrag but the windows program seems to think it is ok. Also I am the only person using my computer and I am the admin.

  VoG II 21:32 13 Dec 2005

Have you uninstalled Diskeeper 9 trial?

  GuZ><0r 21:35 13 Dec 2005

I have uninstalled the trial where and now I want to install the 7.0 lite so that it is free. But I have read on other posts and places that Windows defrag can wreck the computer so I don't really want to use it, although I have done before on a different computer and it was fine.

  Totally-braindead 22:07 13 Dec 2005

I have never heard of windows defrag doing anything to a computer, the only thing that I have heard of is it being corrupted so it won't run.

  Thalmus 22:38 13 Dec 2005

Windows defragger is a perfectly good disk defragmenter and there is no need to pay for one.

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