Disk Compression ...?

  [DELETED] 19:26 13 Dec 2003

OK say you all know by now, I'm a computer virgin so I have no pride left and I'm gonna ask ..........

My PC tells me I can compress my C drive to create more than 3000 mb of free space or create a new compressed drive with 670 mb of free space.

Apart from creating more space, what does disk compression do? Will it affect the running of my already knackrd PC or is it a good thing? Advice please experts!

  [DELETED] 19:34 13 Dec 2003

"My PC tells me"?

Do you mean Disk Cleanup or similar utility?

If you compress files you will save some disk spaces but the compressed files will take slightly longer to open when you use them.

Don't know about creating a compressed drive.

  Big Elf 19:34 13 Dec 2003

It will slow your system down slightly.

It's one more thing to go wrong.

I'm not an expert but learning just like you.

  [DELETED] 19:41 13 Dec 2003

.... My PC tells me ..

Are you saying the shiny machine in the corner doesn't talk to you? Have you done something to upset it? lol

Thanks for the input though, don't need anything else slowing me down any further. Will leave well alone.

  [email protected]@m 20:08 13 Dec 2003

Hold on. Disk Compression is a useful feature if the hard drive is getting full. When you start the process it will inform you of the drive space gained.

It is totally reversible, you'll not notice any difference in speed.

As far as I know, it can only be effective on FAT16 drives.

  [DELETED] 21:03 13 Dec 2003

Ya see, I was doing so well, then [email protected]@am mentions FAT drives.

Hard drive is chocker and whenever I do anything that frees up a bit of space, the speed up is noticeable. Isn't is counterproductive to compress the drive if it's going to slow down as a result?

PS what's a FAT drive?

  [email protected]@m 21:07 13 Dec 2003

Naw, you'll not notice!

File Allocation Table. Open My Computer, right click C drive, Properties. It will tell you the File system.

  [DELETED] 21:14 13 Dec 2003

Yeah, it just says FAT

Now I've got a complex :-(

  [DELETED] 21:15 13 Dec 2003

File Allocation Table and totally unrelated to Calorie intake!

  [email protected]@m 21:19 13 Dec 2003

It's only an abbreviation!

If you want to try:

Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, DriveSpace. I'll stop there because you may need to load something off your Windows CD. I'm assuming it is 95 or 98.

  [DELETED] 21:42 13 Dec 2003

Yeah, 98 but I don't have the disk. Am hoping to borrow one from someone in work (see previous thread)so will have to stall for a day or two. Thanks again though guys. Always rely on PCA to get me through :-)

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