Disk Cleaners and Defrag Software

  Phoenix40 00:51 28 Dec 2013

Hello i have a PB Multimedia desktop computer that uses wins Vista. I try to use my own disk cleaner and defrag software on my own computer accessories list but it looks like to me nothing happens. I asked it to remove all the files under hibernation there are 1.99 GB to free memory as i dont use hibernation but its still there each time i use the disk cleaner. Is there a problem or should i download some other type of reliable free disk cleaners? The same with my defrag i cant tell if the one on my computer is working properly as it shows nothing. Is the Auslogic version reliable to use? Hope to hear from someone soon thanks.

  Phoenix40 01:29 28 Dec 2013

Hello ive just done what you said from my computer but each time i do it it still shows the same amount of files including the 1.99 GB hibernation files. Do you need to close the computer down completely? Or should they disappear straightaway? Hope to hear from someone soon thanks.

  mole1944 04:40 28 Dec 2013

Use ccleaner it's free and gentle with your system, if you really want to get rid of the crud try glary utilities a lot harsher but use the one click clean option and it will clean your system.

  BRYNIT 08:15 28 Dec 2013

This may help. How to disable Hibernation in Vista CLICK HERE

  Phoenix40 11:24 28 Dec 2013

Thanks for that i will try these out later today. I sse from the last thread the info you gave me that the hibernation must be enabled to delete by the look of it!

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