Disk checking

  anniesboy68 16:07 16 Jan 2006

annies boy68 here again. When my computer starts up it insists upon checking my external hard drive. Is there anyway I can disable this please

  Chegs ®™ 16:10 16 Jan 2006

Have you tried letting it complete? I found XP just keeps asking over and over until I gave up and let it check the drive.

  anniesboy68 16:17 16 Jan 2006

Yes, I always let it complete. It will not stop although it says press any key, but to no avail. It happens every time hence my request to disable it and run it when I wish to.

  stylehurst 16:39 16 Jan 2006

Assuming that XP works in the same way then the way to do this is as follows:
Start a Dos box (i.e. Command Prompt)
chkntfs /x d: (where d: represents the drive you wish to stop the check of)
Press enter
type exit to close dos box.

To return to the default state where all drives are checked repeat the procedure but in this case type
chkntfs /d (this returns everything to the default state)
MS Knowledge base article 160963

Hope the above helps

  anniesboy68 19:52 16 Jan 2006

stylehurst.....Thanks for that. However, when I proceed, and whichever way I try, I get the following message......"CHKNTFS is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

  anniesboy68 19:52 16 Jan 2006

I am on xp homw by the way

  stylehurst 14:13 17 Jan 2006

Have a look at the Knowledge base article, its a long time since I used the chkntfs command, also I use W2k or XP pro
Just had a look at Help on XP pro it is definitely on that OS.
Try putting chkntfs into search box in help on XP Home

  eqskey 14:49 17 Jan 2006

Sounds like a Bios boot order situation.Are you familiar with working in the bios?
You could try in Control Panel->System->Device Manager->find the external drive and uninstall it.
Click the Action tab and then Scan for any hardware changes.It will reinstall it back.

  anniesboy68 11:45 18 Jan 2006

Stylehurst...eqskey....Thanks for that. However, despite my comments in an earlier posting [19.52 Monday] something has materialised out of the poking about with the command prompt. For the last four bootups the problem seems to have vanished, i.e. its a normal boot up with no checking of the external drive!!!!. So far!!. Will post if it changes. AB68

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