Disk Caddy. Drive not recognised

  headdeball 22:18 24 May 2008

Hi all
I just got a USB caddy and put my Seagate Barracuda 20Gb in it.Windows XP PRO recognised new hardware and I let it search for drivers.The icon in the system tray says I can remove the "USB mass storage device" but when I look in 'my computer' there is no extra drive.I went to control panel/Admin tools/Disk management but it wasn't there.How do I get windows to reconise this drive so that I can use it as a backup device?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:23 24 May 2008

Make sure jumper on HDD is set as Master.

drive should then appear in at least Disk management if not My computer

  skidzy 23:59 24 May 2008

As per Fruit Bat /\0/\ post and/or

Is this a usb powered caddy ? or does it have extra power from the mains.

Reason im saying this,is different caddies vary.

Some have two usb connectors and will need both connected-sometimes white/silver and red.

Some have the 240v mains to power the caddy.

  headdeball 15:06 25 May 2008

Hi all
The caddy has USB and mains,both of which are on,I also tried different USB ports and even a different disk(set to 'master'.Windows still says I can remove it(system tray icon)but I can't see it anywhere else

  skidzy 15:13 25 May 2008

This may sound a wee bit daft,but has the caddie got a power switch ? if so,check this is on...easily missed for some.

Have you tried installing the drive as a slave in the computer ?

  woodchip 20:00 25 May 2008

Does the drive show in Disc Manager?

  skidzy 20:16 25 May 2008

Hi Woody & Marg

The drive does not show up in Disc Management,so therefore the drive letter cannot be changed.
However i think Marg maybe pointing to changing any usb drive device letters and then see if this problem drive can be seen.

  skidzy 20:57 25 May 2008

Hi Marg
We had a very similar problem last week,changing the drive letter and path on another usb flash drive to (Z) enabled the new flash drive to be allocated the letter that was being duplicated but hidden.

  headdeball 15:36 26 May 2008

I have changed my DVD drive letters from E and F to G and H.My hard drive is a SATA partitioned as C and D .I restarted windows but still no change.I was going to change the D drive letter but Windows put up a stern warning about not being able to use it until after a reboot because it is in use.Do you think it is wise to rename it anyway?

  skidzy 16:24 26 May 2008

Leave C:/ and D:/ alone,no need to change these.

Have you tried the caddy and drive on another computer ?
Have you tried making it a slave drive ?

This will at least rule out if the harddrive is faulty,or maybe the caddy has a fault.

To be honest with you,this sounds like a power issue.

Can you remove all usb devices and try the caddy again ?

Been digging around and found this,not seen it myself but worth looking into

"go to my computer, right click, manage, disk management and see if it shows up as a foreign disk. If so, right click and import. It may also show as unformatted."

  woodchip 21:59 26 May 2008

Try turning all power off on the computer remove battery if a laptop remove 13amp plug from wall socket, press and hold start button for ten seconds then try computer and drive as normal. It may work

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