Disk Boot Failure--a new variable?

  Phrixos 11:15 02 Apr 2006


I've got an awkward boot-up problem. My only recently self-built system was working just fine--for a few weeks, at first. Then one day at bootup I got the hated "Disk Boot Failure. Insert system disk." message, for no apparent reason at all. (There is NO floppy disk in its drive.) Norton Disk Doctor however reports the (equally new) hard disk is ok, so (evidently) no problem there.

As my BIOS order is set to CD first, Hard disk second, my computer starts up just fine by using Norton/Symantec's Recovery CD--as if nothing was wrong. (I'm using it here.) The funny thing is, I don't even have to "Press any key to boot from the CD" as instructed, in order to do this. I didn’t expect it, but simply INSERTING the CD in the drive is somehow enough to start the computer, and once it starts, everything works just fine--until the next bootup.

As an experiment, I reset the Boot order to Hard Disk first, to see what would happen--and right enough, it wouldn’t boot.

Any ideas what’s going on here? If there is a file corrupt, which one(s) might it be--and where would I look for them to see if they're there?

All the best,

System: Windows XP Pro (SP2, bang up to date).
w/ AMD Athlon64 3200+

  Phrixos 11:28 02 Apr 2006

Hi again,

The Norton Recovery Disk has an option to Repair the Master Boot Record. As I have never messed around with this, I have no idea whether to use that option.



  gudgulf 11:36 02 Apr 2006

Check that the BIOS is recognising your hard disk.

Try loading default BIOS settings and/or clearing the CMOS with the battery jumper(or remove the battery)

If that doesn't work you could try repairing the hard drive boot sector by using the Windows cd and booting into the recovery console....when you are logged on to Windows type fixboot at the >C:\ prompt.

Then type fixmbr at the next prompt to replace the master boot record.

  Phrixos 13:43 02 Apr 2006

Thanks, gudgulf. Didn't have to fix the MBR. Clearing the CMOS did the trick.

Thread closed.

all the best,

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