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Disk boot failure error message returned in XP PC

  K*B 10:40 29 Nov 2016

Friends, I need help here. My PC in the office running Windows XP has just started giving the following error message on bootup: "Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter". I know there are still some XPs in pretty good shape out there. Please help. How do I go about fixing it? Thanks folks. I look forward to your help.

  Jollyjohn 11:02 29 Nov 2016

First, open the case and disconnect and reconnect the hard drive cables. Then as PC starts tap F2 or Delete or correct key to get into BIOS / Setup - is hard drive listed?

If not, it would suggest a hard drive failure. If it is listed then let PC try and boot.

If still not booting we need to repair mbr, Master Boot Record. You will need an XP cd for this.

  K*B 19:30 02 Dec 2016

jollyjohn, thanks for the fix. I only had to redo the power and data connections to the hard drive, start the pc and it re-booted, fully. Thanks a million.

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