Disk boot failure.

  Tony W. 10:32 20 May 2010

Can anybody help me with this problem.

Just tried to log onto my desktop this morning and got this message "Disk Boot Failure insert system disk and press enter".

Thank you.

  Grantrh 10:41 20 May 2010

Difficult to say from your brief description but I would say hard drive failure, hard drive cable failure, internal hard drive cables coming loose or corruption of the operating system maybe.

  Tony W. 10:45 20 May 2010


Thanks would it have anything to do with a new graphics card I have recently installed.

  Grantrh 10:50 20 May 2010

I wouldn't have thought so - how recent is recent?
Did your PC work at all after you installed the graphics card?

  BRYNIT 10:53 20 May 2010

Check you have not left a CD/DVD in the drive, sometime if the computer is set to boot from CD/DVD first it cannot find the OS.

  Tony W. 10:57 20 May 2010


Yes it worked OK for about ten days.

If as I suspect the worse comes to the worse is there any way I can recover any of my picture files and letter documents etc.Thanks.

  Tony W. 11:03 20 May 2010


Just checked and no discs left in drives thank you anyway.

  Grantrh 11:37 20 May 2010

If it worked for ten days then it is almost certainly not the graphics card installation.
Very difficult to say whether you could get your files back without seeing but you could try attaching the drive to another PC to test it and to recover the files possibly.

  Peter 11:42 20 May 2010


Might be an idea to check the leads to the hard drive are connected correctly and haven't fallen off. They might have been disturbed when you fitted the graphics card, but didn't work loose until the computer had been running for a while.


  Tony W. 12:19 20 May 2010


Thank you.

I will check that and report back.


  Diemmess 12:24 20 May 2010

.......I have had a computer which would frighten me occasionally with just that error message.
A reboot was all that was needed.

Even today an live external HD connected by USB will stall the boot-up until I remember to disconnect first

If you have tried these things then beg borrow or steal a case, put the suspect HD in it, and see if another computer can read anything from the HD

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