disk boot failure

  onetruelove2008 13:15 16 Jun 2009

my computer is having a problem can any one help?? when you turn it on it goes through all the normal stuff but then it comes up a black screen saying disk boot error, i have tried swaping the hard drives with another computer but now that computer is doing the same is there anyway to rectify this problem i have tried re installing windows but it wont boot a disc it sound like its working but i dosent its like a birus or its just stuck in limbo please please help me. thanks louise

  Pamy 13:28 16 Jun 2009

How have you tried re installing ? What disk did you use

  T I M B O 13:42 16 Jun 2009

Each install is unique to the macing you install windows on. If you have the XP cd then place the cd into the machine and reboot. Be sure to follow all the prompts, but do remove any partitions before you format. I dont know what the diffrence is between a slow or quick format, but if you have time then then i always do slow. If it's the recovery cd's that came with the pc then follow all the prompts. If you have Vista then u may need help from another, but best of luck !!!

  onetruelove2008 15:51 16 Jun 2009

no disc will boot it just keeps saying boot disk failure it wont read any disc i try, do you think it may need a new hard drive or will i have to buy a whole new tower?? it is like a virus that has maybe got into the hard drive and passes from hard drive to hard drive as this is now a problem on both machines i have both are windows xp genuine copies. genuine discs. its the machines that are not booting discs any more or turning on to the windows page. it goes through a scan or gives an option to continue the furthers you can get is to a screen where it reads windows xp with the logo and a bar as if its loading to the normal screen i get then it goes black either says disk boot failure or it just turns the whole computer off and goes through the whole thing again in a full circle round and round and round. any suggestions greatly appreciated. louise

  Pamy 16:07 16 Jun 2009

If you want to install windows again (you will loose all the programs & data that you had),first when windows is trying to boot up,keep pressing the Del key or it may be the F8 key in order to get into the BIOS.

  T I M B O 16:12 16 Jun 2009

Some PC's have whats called "propriority parts" which means you cant put diffrent equipment in from what was originally installed by the manufacturer. The other thing you have to check is that the bios is set correctly. If your tower has a floppy disk, then the boot order in the bios will be something like this
HDD Drive

If the boot order is not set correctly ie, it set to read your hard drive 1st, then when you boot up pc with your xp cd installed, then it will be ignored. Sometimes when the pc is rebooting you might have the option to press F9, that way you can choose the boot orderand choose cd-rom.

I hope this is of some help to you.....

  T I M B O 16:13 16 Jun 2009

F8 is safe mode

  Pamy 16:17 16 Jun 2009

Continued. the get to the page that will let you change the order of boot drives & select or ensure that your CD/DVD is the first one.(all done by the up/down/left/righ keys.
Follow instructions to save changes an shut down.

Now put your genuine XP disk in your drive and then boot up look at the bottom of the screen for a message that says "press any key to boot from CD"

  onetruelove2008 16:22 16 Jun 2009

i will try these ideas and see if it helps i have tried f8 and f10 but nothing happened i will try using your directions and will reply back tonight after 5pm . thanks louise

  T I M B O 16:29 16 Jun 2009

F9 on boot up will give you options weather to boot from floppy, cd rom or hard drive on some models.....

  onetruelove2008 16:35 16 Jun 2009

went into bios and changed to cd-rom shut it down and restarted the computer it game to the black page after system details page option to boot from cd came on i clicked enter button response again was boot disk failure?? any other suggestions?? thanks louise

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