Disk Boot Failure

  [DELETED] 01:01 03 Jan 2006

I turned on my hp pavilion computer(running windows XP-home)& got a blue screen with ***STOP: 0X0000007A (0XC03E52C8,0XC000000E,0XF94B25D8,0x089A3860) ***atapi.sys-address F94B25D8 base at F94A6000, Datestamp 3db88971 beginning dump of physical memory. When I restarted the computer I got a blue hp invent screen with the chioce of going to setup or system recovery...clicking on system recovery does nothing....I enabled Boot-time Diagnostic screen & found that the computer isn't detecting the harddrive, CD or DVD drives...I now get a black screen with Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter...Is there something I can try to fix my computer....Anyone know what this error means or what might cause it??
Any HELP would be greatly appreciated!

  Brezza 01:06 03 Jan 2006

This is gonna sound pretty silly but iv seen this before...just check to see if there is a floppy disc in the drive, if so take it out and re-boot

see if that will at least let you boot into windows..

  [DELETED] 01:58 03 Jan 2006

Doesn't sound silly to me .....I've heard of that happening.....Not the problem, I checked & no floppy disc in the drive.

  Brezza 02:10 03 Jan 2006

Also the same thing can happen with CDs...

As long as there are no Floppy discs and no CD's in te drives it narrows down the problem....

If your getting a "Disk Boot Failure" it means that it cant find an operating system (Windows). If your computer is set to boot initially from floppy or CD and either one of the drives had media in them that would explain why it cant find windows....its obviously not gonna be on the floppy or CD......

So assuming all drives are empty we now have to assume its a Hard Disc fault, If it is unable to locate a boot sector on your HD this will be for one of 2 reasons....

1. The IDE cable in your Hard Disc has fallen out, in which case just open it up and have a look, if your HD doesnt have a Big thick grey cable coming out of it then Bingo theres your problem....

2. Worst case senario your hard drive is damaged beyound repair, You said you got the "Blue Screen Of Death" right before it crashed? the blue screen is never a good sign...this almost always indicates hardware failure. If you got that screen, it crashed and your getting boot errors, i would bet my bottom dollar that the hard disc is damaged internally.

Try chking the cable, if thats inserted correctly (along with the power cable) then im afriad its probably going to mean a buying a new hard disc...

I Mean you can take it into any computer shop and they can confim this for about £10-£15 but if that cables are fine im about 80% certain that its probably unrepairable.

  Brezza 02:12 03 Jan 2006

If the HD is damaged this would explain why the Repair froze up....if it cant see the disc it cant repair it...

  Brezza 02:24 03 Jan 2006

The only other thing that comes to mind is the jumper settings on your HDD.

Just ensure there set to Master/Slave etc as needed, just read the same thing on another forum and seemed to resolve their issue (click here)

  [DELETED] 03:07 03 Jan 2006

I checked the cables...disconnected them & reconnected them.
I haven't changed the jumper settings or even had the computer case open until I that this problem with it. So, I wouldn't think that the jumper setting would be the problem.
You had said that repair can't fix something that it can't find.....I didn't think about that....It isn't detecting the harddrive, the CD, or the DVD drives.
Would a bad harddrive cause the computer to stop detecting the CD & DVD drives?

  Brezza 03:15 03 Jan 2006

It does seem a little strange that its not finding the other devices too, im assuming that you went into the BIOS and checked that they were not recognised there?

  [DELETED] 03:29 03 Jan 2006

BIOS isn't detecting them. Only lists the floppy drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:10 03 Jan 2006

Looks like IDE channel failure as no drives are detected.

Check in BIOS that the IDE controllers are "enabled"

  [DELETED] 19:07 03 Jan 2006

Would that be the Local Bus IDE adapter?
That is set on [Both]

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