Disk boot failure

  pamled55 07:43 15 Oct 2004

I'm running Windows Me and am getting the error message "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" at start up. I've done that but the error persists. I can boot up using Ctrl+Alt+Del.

I've tried the solutions already posted but none have worked.

I've tried system restore but none of the restore points are functioning.

I've used a back up copy of the registry using scanreg/restore but that hasn't worked.

What can I do to get System Restoreto start working again and my computer to boot up first time at switch on?


  Diodorus Siculus 07:58 15 Oct 2004

When you get started, create a backup of your files and try a reinstall of windows. Do you have a cd burner or other large removable storage format?

Can you post a link to the previous solutions that you have tried please?

  pamled55 08:03 15 Oct 2004


Thanks for the fast response. Windows was packaged with my computer. I've tried using the recovery disk without success.

  alan227 09:31 15 Oct 2004

Just a thought as I have not used ME for a long time, you have not got a floppy left in the drive when you boot up by any chance.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:37 15 Oct 2004

Have you tried to fix the master boot record by booting with a floppy from, say, click here and at the A:\ prompt type

fdisk /mbr

  pamled55 08:02 28 Oct 2004

alan227,diodorus siculus

Thanks for the replies. Just back from holiday so only read them now.

Alan, no, I didn't have a floppy in the A Drive.

Diodorus, downloaded a boot disk from your link and will use it later.

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