disk boot failure

  Taw 16:38 29 Nov 2003

my sons comp is showing "disk boot failure insert system disk" when starting. Is this the cd? Win xp pro

  [email protected] E 16:41 29 Nov 2003

either it has a disk in the floppy drive or the c drive has failed

  DieSse 16:44 29 Nov 2003

This is not a normal message - something has gone wrong.

If you do put in the CD to boot from, you will necessarily be into a repair of the Windows installation.

Can you give a bt more info please.

Was it working, or is this a new system - bought or home built?

Is there an up to date Anti-Virus program in the system - ie he may have a virus.

There are also many other possibilities - the hard disk could have failed, for instance.

  Taw 17:02 29 Nov 2003

thanks for that diesse. I bought some new ram and put it in and on switching it on it gave the above message. I took out the new ram and tried it as it was but no luck. The AV was all up to date. I have an old hd i was going to try but i think it was set as a slave and im not sure how to set the little pins?

  Taw 17:03 29 Nov 2003

by the way I did try the cd it got so far and then told me there was a problem recheck new hardware. on watching some of the loading material it looked as if it may not be seeing the HD

  Taw 17:21 29 Nov 2003

not ver professional but I fiddled with some of the wires in the comp and it seems to have started but I think I have an HD failure

  Monco 17:32 29 Nov 2003

I also get'boot failure - insert cd' at times, but by pushing the reset button, the system then boots OK. I am on XP Home. Could this be a sign of impending trouble? I have used the recovery CD in the past, and provided you exit after the necessary drivers have loaded, there seems no need for repair.

  Taw 19:22 29 Nov 2003

monco I think it may be the result of an impending HD failure I would suggestif you havent done you should back up your important files onto removable media

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