Disgusting mail from the NTL server

  billyliv 00:16 13 Dec 2004

Hi, I have been an NTL customer for a long time but recently I have been receiving disgusting mail which has to pass through their server. The vast majority of these mails are not even addressed to me. The NTL helpline was of no use whatsoever, so I have informed them that if this practise doesn't stop. I will withdraw all my services. I pay NTL £80 per month for TV, Broadband and telephone (which I hardly use anyway as our main telephone is BT). If anyone from NTL reads these posts, please take note. Cheers, Bill

  User-312386 00:21 13 Dec 2004

unfortunately we all have to live with disgusting spam mail.

My inbox gets about 30-40 degrading e-mails a day and i am with Telewest.

You can't blame your ISP for this.

I have to password protect my outlook express now so my little boy can not access it, because of all the filth that it is sent to me, i hasten to add without my consent.

  billyliv 00:26 13 Dec 2004

Hi madboy33, Why should I have to put up with mail that is not addressed to me?. I cant go on forever changing my e.mail address. Surely NTL has some responsibility. Cheers, Bill

  User-312386 00:29 13 Dec 2004

You can't blame Royal Mail for junk mail either, but you get it.

  canard 00:40 13 Dec 2004

Get yourself a new webmail supplier and email the people you want to hear from [but no one else] with your new email addy. Then you can just use your current mailbox ?OE as slurry pit and keep shovelling the muck out.

  billyliv 00:42 13 Dec 2004

Hi madboy33, Without prolonging this. Royal Mail doesn't give me mail that is not addressed to me. And there is also the option to stop junk mail through the preference service. Cheers, Bill

  griffon 56 00:55 13 Dec 2004

Hi billyliv,

There is an email preference service at the American site click here which I am told works in the same way as the mail, telephone and fax services.

I've not used it yet but mean to. It might be worth a try. Regards.

  Stirkius 05:13 13 Dec 2004

Try marking your unsavoury mail as junk mail - eventually this will cut down 90% of the mail you get - or try a free programme called Mail-Washer - stop it reaching you in-box before you get it.
As for leaving NTL - wait a while - there is a whisper that they will be upgrading all their broadband speeds to thre levels - 1mb (17.99) - 1.5 mb (24.99) and 2mb for 34.99 - WORTH THE HASSLE FOR THE EXTRA SPEED !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 06:54 13 Dec 2004

If you are that worried then you will be hapoy to pay for a spam filter such as Inboxer which will stop it dead. There are some free ones about. 'Withdrawing' all your custom seems a bit OTT as you are the only one that will suffer.


  Wak 09:57 13 Dec 2004

Here is an abstract from the latest NTL customer E-mail which shows that they are concerned about the difficult spam situation:-

"Also, we have begun a programme to eliminate millions of spam messages - or junk email - from ntlworld email services. Initially we are blocking a portion of what we identify as obvious spam, so you may still receive some spam. However when this programme is complete next year, we hope to block the vast majority of unsolicited email, and give you control over how we deal with suspected spam emails destined for your mailbox."

  billyliv 10:57 13 Dec 2004

Thanks All, Some interesting postings there. Cheers, Bill

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