Disgo USB pen not being recognised

  Halmer 08:37 04 Jan 2006

for some reason neither me new or old PC will recognised the pen. I need to get some files from it.

The green light on the pen comes on but glows instead of flashing.

Any ideas please?

  Brezza 10:31 04 Jan 2006


Assuming your using XP it should just be plug and play (meaning it should work as soon as ya plug it in). Just to be on the safe side if there was a CD with it check the disc for any specific software or Drivers it may require in order to work correctly.

If you have already done this, then i would check it on a 3rd PC to be sure, if it still doesnt work on the 3rd PC (a friend or families) then i would probably assume the pen drive itself if faulty, if it has a green light that would suggest its getting power from the USB port but if the memory chip inside is faulty then you wouldnt be able to read it (such as your currrent problem).

If all else fails, best to return it to where you got it, get them to test it, if its found to be faulty then they should replae it with a new one.

Hope this helps :)

  Halmer 10:35 04 Jan 2006


I think that the software that came with it is actually on the pen not a disc. I'll have a look on their website.

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