Discrepancy in used space across 2 external hard drives.

  ukmark 10:53 21 Sep 2013

Here's the situation. I have 2 x 2TB external hard drives. The drives are Samsung, but the casings are Verbatim and Trekstor. They have the exact same data on each (one is a backup of the other). Both are NTFS. When I total up used space on both drives in Windows 7 - the amounts are identical. However, one of the drives is showing over 2 gigabytes more available space than the other. I have run CHKDSK to look for errors, have shown hidden/system files/folders, I have used partition software to ensure there is no hidden partitions, but still can't find a reason why one drive is using over 2 GB space more than the other. The total space on each hard drive is 1863.01 GB (exactly the same on both). The block size on both drives is 4k.

Any ideas on how to find the missing 2GB? Or am I misunderstanding something about the nature of hard drive storage, or could it be the SATA interface controllers on the 2 drives - one drive case is about 1 year newer than the other. I don't want to have to re-format the 'incorrect' drive and back it up again (may not fix the issue - it might not be an issue.)

Thanks for looking!

  ukmark 11:32 21 Sep 2013

Sorry, close this one.

My mistake for not paying close enough attention to the CHKDSK results (normally they run in a DOS window and the window closes automatically). However, I ran the CHKDSK manually in DOS, to look at the results, and found that one drive had a USN journal entry. I ran the command to remove the USN journal and now my drives match each other on unused space. See link below:-

click here ran the fsutil command as described above and it only took a couple of seconds to complete. It may help somebody else in the future.


  Secret-Squirrel 11:37 21 Sep 2013

"............but still can't find a reason why one drive is using over 2 GB space more than the other."

Perhaps there are files hiding in the Recycle Bin folder. On the drive that allegedly holds more data, check the "Recycler" folder which lives at the root of the drive and by default is a system folder and hidden. If Windows prevents you from accessing it then check your regular Recycle Bin and see if it contains files from the external drive.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:38 21 Sep 2013

Pleased to see you fixed it :)

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