Discovered Unknown Users on brothers pc,but lost t

  bof:) 12:30 28 Oct 2007

Hi all, whilst having a look at my Brothers Pc, I found 2 or 3 unknown users on it.

(PC using Windows XP home SP2)

Unfortunately I cannot now find where I found them.

I've looked in Control Panel/Users and only the family users are shown there.

I set up a Dlink wireless router for my brother the unknown users are listed in the PC names listed there along with the name my bother gave to his pc.

I've set the router to (I think it is to WAP key security).

I seem to remember that the unknown users were shown as a row of numbers not names.

I've turned off remote access on the PC and MRU are dealing with a virus infection.

Having installed Dlink I wondered if the unknown users are to do with it. BUT I've had to install Dlink a few times because it seems to loose the ability to hold a connection.

So, first of all can someone suggest where I found the list of users with the unknown users listed in it ?

Secondly,do, I delete them ?

Many thanks,


  Technotiger 12:42 28 Oct 2007

Only guessing, but you might have seen them in your Network settings if Wireless? Maybe a neighbour or someone nearby taking advantage of your connection. You may need to improve your wireless security to higher than WAP.

  bof:) 13:06 28 Oct 2007

Hi Technotiger yes you are right thats where I saw them on the Dlink router page. (Its amazing what a memory jog can do).

I've been looking through my laptop settings and found a list of Users when I right click My Computer/Properties/Advanced/User Profiles.

This is where I think I found the Unknown Users. Should I tell my brother to delete these?

Then I'll suggest he improves his Dlink security.

many thanks,


  Technotiger 13:13 28 Oct 2007

Delete them? Yes, if he can. Might not be able to though, as I am guessing you/he is seeing them on the page which shows Available Networks in Range, which then suggest you click on one to Connect to.

  bof:) 13:36 28 Oct 2007

Hi All, I've told brother to dlete the Unknown Users from the User list.

When he deleted them one at a time, he got the same message for each one:

'Profile not deleted completely'. 'Error directory is not completely empty'.

Anyone any thoughts on what tese directories may be and where to find them?

TT, security now set to WEP.


  Technotiger 13:44 28 Oct 2007

Go to Start>Search then type in the unwanted name(s), if found they can then be manually deleted from the Search window.

  Technotiger 13:49 28 Oct 2007

It would also be a good idea for him to run CCleaner click here this should clean-up any left-overs. Could also run Ad-Aware click here

  bof:) 15:23 28 Oct 2007

Hi TT, the unknown Users were in the Users list I mentioned earlier. They were not the Show available networks in range.

Unfortunatly my nephew deleted the Unknown Users id (row of numbers) so he cannot search for them.

I'll get him to run Ccleaner.

The other problem is that the PC in question is having problem staying connected to the net via the wireless router. A laptop using the same router has no problems conecting to the net.

I just cannot seem to pin down the problem why the PC cannot connect.


  brundle 15:27 28 Oct 2007

Go to Start menu/accessories/command prompt.

At the prompt type

net users

User names starting ASP. are added when Net Framework is present, you will also see Administrator, Guest, Help Assistant, Support_(random letters and numbers).

  bof:) 15:41 28 Oct 2007

Hi all, just been talking to nephew and getting him to try a few things out. It seems that the Dlink dongle will only flash if you 'giggle it about' in either of the USB sockets on the front of the PC.

It was put there because if the dongle is plugged into one of the USB sockets at the rear of the PC it cannot find the signal from the Dlink router hts only about 2 feet away.


  Technotiger 15:54 28 Oct 2007

Try connecting the USB dongle with a Powered USB Hub, the Hub being connected to a Rear USB socket, it can still be placed in a more accessible spot on the desk.

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