Disconnecting on dial up

  floyd 768 19:52 05 Jan 2003
  floyd 768 19:52 05 Jan 2003

I use the internet through my phoneline using freeserve.If i get a phonecall while online i get a message saying ignored incoming phonecall press button,when i press the button i get disconnected. I have also tried ignoring the message but it still cuts me off. Please help

  wawadave 20:03 05 Jan 2003

you can ask your isp to help you disable call waiting.its been a long while since ive done it.
dont think i could rember all the steps.but more than likely your isp will be willing to guide you through it.
have a nice day

  graham 20:06 05 Jan 2003

to cancel call waiting (gate 43 gate)

  eccomputers 20:07 05 Jan 2003

Are you using a v92 modem? if so this technology has lots of problems and you can really say that it doesnt work. Tell your telephone company to disable call waiting on your line. This cured my problem as it send a wierd code to my modem that shut it down.

  graham 20:19 05 Jan 2003

The wierd code is a discreet bleep every 5 secs, which some modems see as an error and disconnect to protect your PC.

  floyd 768 21:27 05 Jan 2003

I did have call waiting on my phoneline but i had it removed a while back

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