Disconnecting Broadband

  MickMouse 02:13 25 Nov 2005

I don't want to stay connected all the time when I'm not actually using the Internet, so how do I disconnect when I'm using a LAN modem router?

  phono 02:39 25 Nov 2005

Why do you want to disconnect? If it is a usage/bandwidth thing the simplest way to disconnect would be to switch off the LAN modem router.

  Totally-braindead 03:30 25 Nov 2005

There should be a small icon bottom right of your screen showing 2 monitors, when you're online it appears there all you have to do to disconnect is right click on it and the box that appears will give you the option to disconnect.

  Smegs 12:40 25 Nov 2005

If it's the same set up as our modem router, if you go to the two monitors and right click, that will disable the modem. I find that a bit of a pain, as you have to go into control panel to re-enable it.

You will be better off doing what phono say's, just turn it off.

  Rigga 12:49 25 Nov 2005

Which modem router are you using.

Most have a facility to disconnect when not used for a period of time.

If you find this in your settings, then enable it, and the modem should disconnect, when you're not using the internet, and then automatically re-connect when you wish to use the internet again.


  daisy2bell 12:56 25 Nov 2005

Sorry to hijack this thread (tell me off if I am) but is there a security issue by leaving it on when not on the internet?
I am using AOL and I have to sign on to access the internet.
Netgear wifi modem / router

  Taw® 13:34 25 Nov 2005

daisy2bell it depends how paranoid you are.Some people will say the longer it is on the more chances you are of being hacked, mine is on 24/7 as is a lot of others, all boils down to personal choice.

  steven_frost 13:39 25 Nov 2005

daisy2bell most routers have a firewall built in but you can also install a software firewall which will give you more protecton as long as everything is set up right it should be all ok

  woodchip 13:44 25 Nov 2005

Just pull the Router Modem Plug

  ade.h 14:20 25 Nov 2005

I can't quite see how any malware could find its way down your ADSL line if your ISP connection is not actually running at the time. Just try opening your browser before dialling out - blank.

  PC Bilbo 14:55 25 Nov 2005

You don't say why you want to disconnect but if it's for security some firewalls have an internet lock which you can activate to stop all traffic to and from your computer.

This is certainly true of the free Zone Alarm which I am running.

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