disconnecting BB cable from PC , when off; ?why

  end 23:54 30 Aug 2004

win 98se IE6 on both PC and lap-top; BB connection on both machines; I am told that, when either is connectd to the BB modem, to disconnect it, I have to completely shut down the computer or lap-top, then remove the BB cable from it. what i do not understand is why I have TO shut the system down totally merely to remove the cable ; it would be easier to be able to just switch the BB cable from the one to the other while they are "running"; can I have an explanation in simple basic terms a to why I MUST shut the computer down totally before removing the cable; it is so frusrating; and I have not yet got both connected via a router or whatever so tat I do not have to constantly switch over and shut the machines.

simple, basic language please...tas

  dez fowler 00:03 31 Aug 2004

What kind of BB modem is it? If it's USB then there's no need to shut down the computer.

  dez fowler 00:05 31 Aug 2004

in fact there's no need even if it isn't USB, the most it would require is the router rebooting (pulling the power out of the back in most cases)

  end 00:07 31 Aug 2004

yes; it is USB from what I "understand "of it; it fits in the only USB port at the back of my lap-top ( so MUST be a USB one !!)
I have been told and given strict instructions from my lap-top spplier that I need to turn off either machine that is connected to it before transfering the cable....

  end 00:10 31 Aug 2004

I have not yet GOT a router ( at least am sure i havent); I only have the one BB cable to attach to whichever machine I m woking on for internet purposes:)

  Djohn 00:12 31 Aug 2004

USB is designed to be hot swapped and I do it with all my USB hardware. That is I don't turn off before plugging/unplugging equipment. j.

  Djohn 00:16 31 Aug 2004

click here This may help.

  end 00:31 31 Aug 2004

MORNING....(umm yes it is, and way past time I was tucked up in bed ready for the next shift for me )

when I am "more awake" than I am not at present, I"ll have both machines up and running and try this out; then to whom can I "come and moan" if two computers crash together::))

and my "four walls" have heard some rather "un-forum "language :)

  dez fowler 00:39 31 Aug 2004

Sorry, i mean't the USB modem, not router. Have you tried just swapping the cable from one to the other without switching them off? Who is your ISP?

  end 00:47 31 Aug 2004

hvent tried anything yet!!

actually thought oF this while at work yesterday and wondered WHY I annot just disconnect the thing without switching off; presumably th pge will just go to " work off line", and what happens to Machi

my BB is with BT ( is that the correct answer?, or do you mean who is my e mail provider, as I am web based)

now MUST go to bed; tooo many early mornings are making my thinking, such as it is, even mroe "strange"; and was "greeted" by this machine telling me it has a possible "worm " on it, so ahve been "chasing "IT all evening since getting home from work; am not very awake right now:(

  end 11:08 31 Aug 2004

can I confirm this please; that is is safe and ok to remove my USB BB cable from the one machine and put it in the other while the system is running? presumably the only "effect" it will have is to make the machine "run off-line" ; have I understood that correctly? and of couse be aware of all the electrical wires etc on the tower:)

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