Disconnect router from pc and loses connection

  superhoops 20:36 05 Jul 2008

Hi all. I may be barking totally up the wrong tree here but I thought that once the network is set up I was able to disconnect the router from the main pc and move the pc somewhere else.
I have the network setup so I can access the laptop around the house and that works fine. I want to move the pc across the room and leave the router where it is to avoid trailling cables from the phone socket. However when I disconnect the yellow cable from the pc the connection is gone.
If i put the mouse over the little 2 screens icon in the notification area it says I am currently wirelessly connected so I don't understand. Any replies appreciated. The pc is now vista and I am on o2 broadband.

  ambra4 21:11 05 Jul 2008

You need a wireless adapter for the desktop to connect via the wireless system

  ambra4 21:13 05 Jul 2008
  superhoops 21:18 05 Jul 2008

Is that not what I am using already to send the wireless signal to my laptop

  superhoops 21:36 05 Jul 2008

Sorry ambra4 it was me being a total d...
Have just realised that I hadnt plugged in the arial into the back of the pc. Had the pc for a year and a half but had never attempted to move the pc away from the router until tonight. Cheers

  ambra4 22:44 05 Jul 2008

Yes it help if you connect the antenna

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