?disconnect first or not before running scans?

  end 14:33 21 Sep 2004

according to a posting on this thread

click here

it is almost essential to disconnect from the internet and diable any firewalls etc before running any scans such as sbybot, adaware etc, else to load internet pages will be impossible, adn conmection will not happen ( unless I have totally " misread it);

having got spybot on here and adaware, and running them frequetly, IS it essential to run thenm with the internet OFF as the other thread suggests, or ....

"floor advise" please..

  VoG II 14:44 21 Sep 2004

Nope! Definitely not.

The removal of certain spyware can result in a non-working internet connection IF the removal is done incorrectly. That should not happen with either Ad-aware or Spybot, run when you are connected to the internet or not.

In any case a fix is available click here

  end 15:17 21 Sep 2004

that"s a glorious "Catch 22" ::)

you"ve got to be connected to do that and if you cannot connect then, to coin a phrase " you are buggered":::)))


  VoG II 00:18 22 Sep 2004

There is no next if you want to be so deliberately rude.

The solution is obviously to download the fix before you tinker.

However, there is no need to since Ad-aware and Spybot remove spyware correctly. The winsock error only occurs if you attempt a botched removal yourself.

It is up to you as to whether you think that an apology is in order.

  end 08:11 22 Sep 2004

rudeness was/is not intended,
you have my apology, in public, :(

  Old Shep 09:12 22 Sep 2004

That is a very good link - thank you. Have downloaded it just in case!! as per your advice to end

  end 14:13 22 Sep 2004

to expand on my 0811;
my comments at 1517 were an attempt at humour which have evidently totally "backfired":(

again, you have my apology

I will now go and serve my time in my corner

mea culpa

  VoG II 14:49 22 Sep 2004

Apology accepted, end. Thank you.

If I were you I would now let this slip to page 11.

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