disconnect b/b when not in use

  joeltr 16:25 28 Apr 2005

Just wondering if its worthwhile switching off my connection after leaving the net, i have ntl cable and i can see the modem lights on my desk, i spend a lot of time using my pc, but not a great deal of time on line, just a thought,

  byfordr 17:00 28 Apr 2005

I tend to only plug my router in when I need to use, then again I tend to turn the pc off when not in use...

If it isn't on, noone can access it.


  rawprawn 17:04 28 Apr 2005

I just leave mine connected, that way it can check for emails every 10 minutes and let me know if new mail arrives.

  Joe R 17:13 28 Apr 2005


If you wish to turn it off, it is simply a matter of making a desktop shortcut, for your local area connection, (control panel-network connections) and right click and disable.

  bretsky 17:19 28 Apr 2005

I have a B/B connection with W/Doo, and if I know that the pc is going to be left unattended for long stretches I disconnect and then a simple click on the speedtouch modem desktop icon and I'm connected again.....simple.

Not sure what the pros & cons are, but I feel a lot happier about this,it's a "big brother" thing! As soon as I reconnect, Panda av does its updates then I fire up mailwasher to check email and away I go.

My friend has NTL cable B/B and because he didn't set it up, he has no idea how to disconnect and reconnect via the cable modem, so subsequently his connection remains constant until he powers down.

bretsky ;0)

  jack 19:39 28 Apr 2005

In my view Dial Up or BB best off unless you wish to use it. Then no nasties can creep in whilst your attention is elsewhere.

To those who will say 'But if you are properly protected etc.,' Somwone somewhere has to be the unlucky first recieving a new nastie, before a 'cure'can be generated -Dont let it be you!

  joeltr 12:04 29 Apr 2005

i was thinking of putting the modem plug in its own socket, so i could flick the switch when not is use,joe R i am going to try your suggestion now, thanks all, joel.

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