Disconecting my DVD drive

  John B 15:59 03 Jun 2004

I believe my DVD drive has died. The access LED flashes continuously, the drive will not open (it is empty) and it no longer appears under my computer.

I have checked all of the connections inside, but to no avail. My hard drive LED is permanently on. The computer still works but is incredibly slow to boot up. I wonder if this 'slowness' is caused by the faulty drive and wish to disconnect it.

The drive is daisy chained to my CD rewriter. Can I simply take the IDE cable and power supply out and leave the drive in situ until a replacement is obtained?



  scooby43 16:29 03 Jun 2004

Do you have a spare hard drive you can use.

  Stuartli 16:40 03 Jun 2004

If you go to Device Manager, highlight your drive and then click Properties, on the General tab you can Enable or Disable This Device from the menu.

Disable it until you can try an alternative or get a replacement.

Could be worth also checking in Device Manager if there is an exclamation mark by the drive, which would indicate a possible problem.

  John B 17:19 03 Jun 2004

Thanks for the replies.

The computer can no longer see the drive. It isn't listed anywhere. I have even used SiSoft Sandra and that can't find it either. I think the 'slowness' of the machine is caused by the processor looking for the disappeared dvd drive, hence me asking if I can disconnect it.



  Stuartli 17:52 03 Jun 2004

It still sounds then like a case of loose or incorrectly fittings leads/cables.

See if the drive is listed in Device Manager in Safe Mode - if it is that's the most likely cause.

  Fruit Bat 18:01 03 Jun 2004

Pull IDE and Power cable to disable completely.

Should not appear on POST screen when booting

Remove drivers in windows

  John B 20:19 03 Jun 2004

More thanks for the replies.

Cables all checked Stuartli; Fruit Bat,how do I remove the drivers in windows please? I'm running 98SE.



  John B 22:17 03 Jun 2004

sorry to bounce back up, but any more help most gratefully recieved.


  Fruit Bat 15:59 04 Jun 2004

Control panel /system / device manager / click on DVD/CD drives, highlight your DVD, right click should give option to uninstall.

  John B 11:41 05 Jun 2004

Thanks for the reply Fruit Bat. That seems to have done the trick.

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