disc write error - unable to write to disc in

  TBH1 22:42 14 Jul 2003

I have recently been getting the error : -
unable to write to disc in drive c:
data or files may be lost
press any key to continue

sometimes system recovers after pressing a key, and sometimes need to reboot - - - but either way the system then appears OK for a day or two. Have run scandisk, both windows and Norton version and no problems found.

the disc is an IBM/Hitachi 60gb jobby and is maybe 3 months old.

Now, at the risk of sounding the proverbial idiot, have I got a problem ?

System Athlone 600 , 384mb RAM, w98se
drive c 60gb 7200 IBM/Hitachi
drive d 40gb 5600 IBM/Hitachi

  Webmaster 01:09 15 Jul 2003

If you can safely have a tinker inside your machine, make sure that things aren't getting too hot in the case and make sure all the IDE cables are seated properly on the motherboard and on the HDD itself.

I'm guessing there is another reason for this error. :-/

  TBH1 06:23 15 Jul 2003

things appear OK in the case though what 'too hot' feels like I don't know.
This happening more and more now - almost after every 'write'.
Baffled to why scans not reporting any errors.

  Webmaster 12:03 15 Jul 2003

I'm not one to immediately point the blame but perhaps your HDD is the issue of concern here. It is not uncommon for HDDs to fail and (sorry IBM) but some of their HDDs are terrible compared to Western Digital.

However, I notice your 60 Gb is running at 7200 RPM.... hmmm.... I strongly recommend you putting a HDD fan on that. This I hadn't noticed before my earlier post, but the HDD fan can reduce the heat of the 60 Gb drive since it will be getting hot without one.

You can pick them up really cheap, usually below 5.00 GBP. One good place you can purchase them off is CCL Computers, Bradford, and click here to go to their website. CCL are currently selling them at retail for 3.70 GP GBP.

  TBH1 12:25 15 Jul 2003

thanks for this - - I presume fitting a fan is 'idiot proof' - - - I fitted HD myself so if its easy than that I can do it.
Talkin of speeds - - the drive I had before that gave up the ghost was a 56000 jobby - - -I had similar problems, ie disc write errors with that but reverting drive back an hour or so via GoBack seemed to sort that out. Although the drive did eventually fail, was maybe a year after my last error on it.
Again, thanks for your help here mate.

  BillEmm 13:01 15 Jul 2003

with what Webmaster has written with one exception.

The IBM 75 GXP saga is well documented but a survey in the USA at the time showed that, as a percentage, WDs equivalent product was the subject of more RMAs. IBM got the headlines because it sold massive amounts of the 75 GXP and so had the larger number of returns.

The message to all users contemplating upgrading their current 5400rpm drives with the faster 7200rpm is: don't forget the need for additional cooling.

These drives push out a lot of heat - considerably more than their predecessors.

Sorry Webmaster, not trying to steal your thunder.


  TBH1 13:17 15 Jul 2003

webmaster, Bill, certainly going down this path re coolling - -am searching now. Would I need a cooller/fan specificly for a HD or would a general cas fan do ? I have seen some of the fans designed for HD's but owing to my configuration, would not fit in - - - I have an Evesham - the HDs sit in a cradle, together with the floppy and one of these fans would not fit. If a general case fan is required, would I need to 'butcher' the rear of my case; I appreciate all cases are different .

One more thing ( at last !!!! ) - - this error I'm getting, is that synonymous (that took some spelling!) with over-heating ??

  BillEmm 20:56 15 Jul 2003

To address your points in the sequence asked: A case fan would be fine - if it directed the air over the hard disk/s. Your problem is not just a high heat generating disk but also the fact that it is in such close proximity to other drives.

Is it possible for you to physically swop drives round such that the 7200rpm is fitted into the bottom bay of the cage and thus can accommodate an HDD fan?

I assume you do not have a 5.25 bay available as this would provide a number of other options.

Am I right in assuming you have no case fans fitted? If true - blimey!

Yes, the errors you are experiencing are just what I would expect from an overheating disk. Putting it that way saved me from using the word "synonymous".

As a matter of sympathy: I had an Evesham and it was also incapable of being upgraded without increasing the size of the PSU and putting HDD fans on all disks. They don't put a lot of thought into their machines.


  Webmaster 21:49 15 Jul 2003

No skin off my nose.... Bill's advise is very good and saves me from adding much more.

To sort of sum up on this, it can be really annoying at times when people are anti-fans (not you, TBH1, as you're taking a sensible route), such as those who want super quiet machines. People must remember that computers do need fans if they are generating a lot of heat. So what if they make noise, if there is room for case fans in your computer case, then adding one to suck air out can really help. I shall now cease from uttering my final 'Jerry' thought. :-)

  TBH1 22:26 15 Jul 2003

Bill - - yes " synonymous" a very good word and glad I don't have to spell it out evry time I reply !!!!
The discs are sited one on top of the other in a cradle together with floppy - - - the only way of resititing them would be to try and modify a new frame, not impossible but difficult.
As for existing fans in there I am presuming that there is at least one - - - have been in the case several times and can' remember.

Turned pc on tonight and went straight into Norton Disk Doctor - - - -gonna take best part of the night to finish - - - daren?t interrupt it - - - though will find nothing.

Webmaster - again, thanks for your input here - - I turned pc on tonight thinking I would get a couple of hours on it to tidy up forum responses etc etc before over heating - - am on an old laptop right now and struggling not to get disconnected every 5 minutes - - have other problem knockin around various forums re line speed and possible DACS thing problem, but thats another story and need to post this before timin out again.

  TBH1 22:28 15 Jul 2003

PS - - -resititing another good word I'm glad I don't have to spell too often - - - will try "resiting" next time I need to spell that ;-)

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