Disc Stuck

  swanny3 22:54 20 Oct 2004

hi there
just went put me sons cd in compact disk F and it wont come out ..lol.. what do i do please,i went too my pc right clicked on eject but no good :O( ive no idea what do The yellow light is on all the time? any help plz..


  VoG II 22:57 20 Oct 2004

Unfold a paper clip.

Poke it in the hole.

  stalion 22:57 20 Oct 2004

there should be a small hole in the front of the cd player push a pin or short piece of wire in to it and it should release

  SANTOS7 22:58 20 Oct 2004

on the front of your drive you will see a small pin hole gently push something in it and your drawer should open,good luck

  hillybilly 23:02 20 Oct 2004

I use a thick sowing needle held with thin nose pliers.

  swanny3 23:03 20 Oct 2004

there is a hole on 1 of them not the f disc ..

  stalion 23:05 20 Oct 2004

are we talking about a external player here connected to the computer?

  swanny3 23:21 20 Oct 2004

no mate same as a copier on ure pc 1 of the drives ghas a hole in it the other doesnt.. an its still stuck in me drive with the lite on . hope that helps :O)¬~~

  SANTOS7 23:24 20 Oct 2004

restart pc and try opening drive while booting up

  swanny3 23:26 20 Oct 2004

have mate still wont come out and it takes ages reboot as well .

  SANTOS7 23:30 20 Oct 2004

Apart from useing PC toolkit AKA hammer/chisel/thermal lance/paper clip, you may well have to take drive out and remove outer case to see what is stopping drawer opening it may well be that mechanism is busted........

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