disc shows empty but it does contain files

  castiel333 22:27 02 Feb 2005

Ive just bought age of empires (second-hand from e-bay)and when I go to my computer and click on the icon to open it the page loads blank as though the disc is just blank.All other discs open fine so I know theres nothing wrong with my pc(xp home)and the game,going by the boxed packaging and the appearence of the disc itself is a genuine microsoft product.I dont know much about pcs and Ive never experienced this before would be grateful for any advice on this.Thank you.

  Chezdez 22:33 02 Feb 2005

the disc isn't scratched on the underside is it?

  castiel333 22:38 02 Feb 2005

No theres no scratches the pc knows theres a disc there because it shows the icon for it but I cant undestand why it loads as though the disc has no files.

  castiel333 22:52 02 Feb 2005

Is it possible for the previous owner to have taken the game of the disc somehow so that he would still be able to play it without needing to insert the disc?

  FelixTCat 22:59 02 Feb 2005

When the disk is in the drive, right-click on the icon and click on Explore. That should show what files are on the disk. If nothing shows up, try wiping the disk very gently with a soft, clean cloth and try again.

  castiel333 23:13 02 Feb 2005

Thanks FelixTcat I right clicked then clicked explore and theres still nothing there and I cleaned disc too.

  castiel333 23:17 02 Feb 2005

If I try the disc in my mums pc and it still shows blank does that surley mean its been tampered with because I dont want to contact the e-bay member unless I can be certain that I will be in the right.

  stalion 23:27 02 Feb 2005

if you try it on another pc to verify and it shows no files then there is definately a problem with the disc

  castiel333 23:32 02 Feb 2005

Thanks Stalion now I know I can contact him with confidence if it wont work on my mums.Will tick resolved

  daba 00:28 03 Feb 2005

there is no way the previous owner could have wiped a CD-R. (all "mass-produced" disks are CD-R)

If I saw this problem I'd suspect the files were Hidden or System Files, try settings in Explorer to View All Files, although if it really is an MS game disk there would almost certainly be AT LEAST an "autorun.inf" and a "setup.exe" file, which would not be hidden or system files

Also try R-Click - properties, and look at the disk contents figures, it will tell you how much disk is occupied (Used Space/Free Space). If there is no 'used space' then the disk is blank.

the e-bay seller may be unaware the disk is blank, as it is not unknown for a mass-produced disk to be blank, some mechanical error in the disk duplicator could allow a disk to slip through perhaps. not all disks are tested, usually CD-Rs are random tested, if at all.

check the ebay site about 'buyer protection' if you get no joy from the seller

  GaT7 01:53 03 Feb 2005

daba, see lisaa's initial post: "...going by the boxed packaging and the appearence of the disc itself is a genuine microsoft product".

It is not a CD-R as you mention. G

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