Disc prtitions on medion 120gb Hdd

  1st RHA 19:36 30 Jan 2003

I have a new Medion with a 120 gb Hdd, Partition C is Boot (56 Gb) partition D is Backup (47Gb) and E is recovery (9Gb) Why does backup have to be so big

  Lú-tzé 01:11 31 Jan 2003

Are these the labels on the drives?

Probably indiscriminate partitioning on the part of someone or other...

I don't know why so big, but the disk is halved to give the C drive and then there is a 9gb partition for recovery and the remaining 47gb given over to backup - where I presume you can put anything you want.

With Partiton Magic you could probably resize as you wish.

  Kyomii 01:26 31 Jan 2003

The partitions have been done with XPs partition manager and are standar with all Medion PC's (XP based)

You can resize them if you wish or delete them with a partition manager such as partition magic, but they are only logical partitions so I don't really see the point of messing around myself.

One thing you must do is to back up all the files provided on the backup drive (D) by burning them to CD's with your writer.

I keep them the same, and use my D drive for downloads that I do, or any images that I want to burn to disk, keeping C drive clear, and I don't bother with E drive unless I get a program that won't run on NTFS because it is FAT32 format.

  1st RHA 16:34 31 Jan 2003

As I thought, no logical reasoning, may re-size or add another partition later (I think I have partition magic 5 somewhere) sorry about delay work interceded.

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