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Disc image file is it an ISO file?

  caspercooke 09:08 20 Aug 2015


I want to know if a disc image file is a ISO file? As the file i have doesn't say ISO.

Sorry if its a silly question


  northumbria61 10:37 20 Aug 2015
  caspercooke 11:29 20 Aug 2015

so that's a yes :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 20 Aug 2015

Its a Yes if your talking about a CD or DVD image

a No if your taking about an image of a hard disk drive. Different software eg. Acronis / Macrium will produce images of a drive with different file types.

  caspercooke 11:56 20 Aug 2015

it would be for an emulator, so would i need to convert to an iso then?


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